A Walk Through the Crystal Universe / TeamLab

Give me the night, and I’ll leave all behind, except myself. Often the only moment we truly dedicate to ourselves, our evenings hold within them a promise for self indulgence —and of course, a time for those prodigious self reflections to immerse us without fail. For me, it also evokes the awakening of self expression (in my case, listening to the likes of Kelela and writing endless poetry) ; a time when the world is silent, and our only companions are our minds and senses ٠٠ Naturally, to hear of a virtual exhibition that echoes this very notion seems so surreal, I’m almost annoyed I didn’t create the concept myself.


Based in the heart of Tokyo — the city where night is both temptation and possibility— the interactive instillation allows you to wander through a ‘crystal universe’, where a seemingly infinite collection of lights induces a sensation of being alone with the stars. Created by interdisciplinary art collective ‘Team Lab’ , the three dimensional exhibition uses light points to form a unique space that interacts with the visitor, as lights change according to movement .


When the viewer enters the space they will cause a change that will affect the lights in the entire space, and that change will continue to cause change indefinitely ” explain the artists.

With the option of provoking change to the instillation through access from a smartphone , we can merely select a n element, face the Crystal

Universe, and swipe toward the installation to visualise the artwork. Essentially, the exhibition offers an innovative manner of experiencing art, which sees us as one with the light and body of the installation. In echoing the unique intimacy of night, we are invited to experience the future of artistic expression — which already promises to mesmerise us entirely .



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