All about shiny hair

Let’s be honest – shiny hair is not a summer trend. It’s more of a life trend, as we want it 24/7, 12 months a year.

However, during wintertime we’re all a little lazy. Our skin turns from superoily to a dry cracker, our lips need extra love and our hair gets all touchy. That’s why all of the above need a little more attention during summer time, especially our mane.You will now learn how to turn it all shiny and pretty:

Tip numero uno: Cold showers. Not completely, just the head. If you can manage to do that. Otherwise, I’ve got a wily trick for you, so the rest of your astral body remains warm: Headfirst.

After washing your hair in your normal routine, make sure that you run over it with cold water just before leaving the shower. I can’t really explain how it works, but it does. After that, your hair might feel a bit stiff; in that case you can turn it back to nice and soft fur by using a good hair oil, I recommend the Balmain – Argan Moisturizing Elixir. Massage a small portion in your hands to get it to room temperature just before you massage it into your damp hair and comb through it all in. And since we’re talking about Balmain – I’ve recently bought a set that included the Elixir, Hairspray, Salt Texturizing Spray and SilkPerfume. Friends, this Silk Perfume is the most delicious thing I’ve ever smelled. It is supple, rich and makes the hair shine- what else does a girl want? I also checked the ingredients for you and found jojoba oil and argan oil – simply everything that is good. However, that does not mean, that every oil is good for your hair as long as it smells good, so you should better leave mum’s precious walnut oil in the kitchen. After having followed the steps above, you can still apply a generous amount of the shine spray of your choice and then admire the result in the dry state.

Tip numero dos: Avocado. Get an avocado and split it in two. You use the first half on your hair, and are allowed to eat the second half if your results allow it. Depending on hair length it varies of how much avocado you’ll need. I usually need ¾ of a large avocado. So you get a bowl and cut the avocado in small pieces before you add two tablespoons of plain yoghurt. Mix everything nicely until it’s creamy and free of little avo-bites. You can even add a little salt and pepper if you want to snack in between – but I doubt that it’s good for the hair.

Now it’s time to prove your dexterity by putting the mix on your hair without making a mess. You can then let it soak in as long as you like, for me 90 minutes are usually more than enough. Okay, time to get back in that shower. Wash the mixture out and make sure that your roots are not affected by the hair masks magic as avocado usually turns roots greasy while turning lenghts luscious. If your hairline has come in touch with the mask, just use a little shampoo,- but make sure not to shampoo your lengths, you don’t want to sacrifice the other half, do you. And that was already the last step so I’m going to finish this as they do in magazines: style as usual.


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