Beautytools men are scared of

Absolutely nothing and no none looks more amazed, frightened, and overwhelmed than a male watching you do you beautyroutine or Make up. Except for a child maybe. Let’s make it a child in a zoo, thats more like it.

We all have our little helping hands that turn our regular routine into a little miracle. For some its mascara, for others its a bra. But I’m not going there. I’m more about items that serve not only one purpose. First, they make us look cute. Second, (and important) they put the fear of God into our male audience.

See my top 4, and how I defend them.

Not very frequently used, nor seen, but still always present in male nightmares: the facial haar remover. Looks like a tool, feels like a tool, and does a great job – like a tool. Personally, I haven’t used it too much to be honest, but seeing it in your hand you can hear a mans voice starting to shake: „D-d-does it hurt“ – No, you cute, naive creature, nothing hurts more than having your little babymustache noticed that makes you look like you conditioned it the night before.



Close, very close to the facial hair remover comes the lashcomb. I’ll have to admit, that it looks slightly dangerous, but not too much. It looks more like a tool you remove lice with, but ahwell, you can’t have it all, can you. It still is an amazing item in your beautybag as it also removes excess mascara from your lashes to not make them look like tiny little (curvy) fly legs. „Aren’t you scared to poke your eye with all those…knives?“ – Lord Jesus, they are not knives. You can fold the comb in if you’re scared to wet the bed, man. Plus – the „knives“ are gilded, which would still make me look kind of fab checking in the hospital.

b_ea479b0e0a3020fdf1998698acee991c1054-R Ilashcomb


The morning after. Not the drunk kind of morning after, but the morning after having your eyebrows trimmed. It’s like the little ingrown hair want to provoke you by hissing at you around the corner. Can’t you just stay under- UNDERNEATH the skin for once! Only for a couple of months, you little attention arousing creatures? Even though I have a little helping hand by my side, these little guys manage to ruin my early morning minutes. It looks like a tweezer, is called a tweezer, but is made especially for these guys. Of course, due to their special talent, these tweezers are very pointed which causes slight sweatingattacks when seen by men, but once again, we don’t really care. And it has an extra for moms: they’re perfect for removing slivers.

Splintertweeze für eingewachsene Haare und Splitter


And now, the undefeated, unconquered Lash curler. We (almost) all use them to avoid making our lashes look like they are freshly straightend, standing tall towards the northpole. Set, push, hold, done. Do we look like we’re in pain? Do we look like we regret anything? Hell no, at most, not having purchased this little miracle earlier. So no, guys, it doesn’t hurt, and no, for the love of God, we’re not pulling out our lashes. A little hint for your next argument: grab the lash curler and hold it close to his face, snapping it arhythmic, or hold it against your throath. You’ll probably win that one. Tell me how it went.

b_edba9ca40267912f3976e72920b30b80procurl curler side



(De) Lockenköpfe dürfen sich freuen


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