5 tips for applying false lashes

Let the glue get tacky.

Let the glue dry on the lashes for about 30 seconds before you apply the lashes. The glue is wet and slippery at first so the lashes won’t stick and set on the eye causing glue to get everywhere. Once the glue is tacky and sticky it will stick to the lids right away and stay there.

Use tweezers to apply lashes.

Use tweezers to to hold down the lashes in the corner of the eyes and to move the lashes around. Sometimes your finger is too big and bulky to get into corners like tweezers can. I’ve been wearing lashes for over 5 years and I still use tweezers every time! Total life saver!

Trim the edges.

Most lashes are really long to fit any eye shape so most of the time you have to trim a little off the ends or front so they fit your eye. If the lashes are too long for your eye they will look unnatural and peel and lift off the corners of the eyes.

Cut your lashes in half/try accent lashes.

You can get accent lashes that apply to the outer half to the lid to make the eyes look more sexy and sultry. Great way to add a little glam without the trouble of applying a full set of strip lashes. You can even cut your lashes in half to make your own accent lashes!

Choose lashes with a clear, flexible lash band.

Lashes with a black lash band tend to be more stiff and don’t bend to the curve of the eye so they peel up through out the day. Brands like Ardell and Red Cherry have many clear lash band options! *Notice how the band is clear and invisible, will look invisible and natural on the eyes.


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