Curly Hair Update

I’m a blonde now. Actually, I have to admit that this was never the plan. . I thought I had learned my lesson when my first experience with bleach went all wrong. Nevertheless, I wanted to try it again. A wise man once said “never give up!”, I don’t remember his name though. This time my stylist Apjar dyed my hair and he did it so well that my hair and especially my curls, whom I was most worried about, didn’t even realize what happened inbetween these 10 days. No breakage, no split ends, nothing.

After having posted a little footage of my new curly fur on Instagram (sarah.feingold, for those who still do not know what I’m reporting about here) I got some e-mails, Tumblr messages, Facebook and Instagram comments of you guys asking me how the hell I styled those curls when they’re supposed to be all dead and stuff. I didn’t want to make you wait so I started writing this article since a video tutorial is too time consuming. But I’ll probably do both „smile“-Emoticon. Note, that this is how I style the curls you see in the pictures. These are not my natural curls, which means that anybody can achieve this look by just following 7 simple steps.

A little Tipp on the side: Second day hair does it better.

You’ll need: A regular comb, Udo Walz brush, curling iron by Amika, Balmain Haarspray and Dry Shampoo. If you want to style your hair right after washing them anyway – here’s

Step 1

Wash your hair. Make sure you don’t use too much conditioner, and don’t use it on your entire head either, just apply a little portion to the ends of your hair and make sure you wash it out properly. After washing, blow dry your hair.

Step 2

You divide your hair in 6 layers (mentally) and start with the bottom part, you can tuck the rest of the hair away while you’re busy glamming up the parts of concern.

Step 3

We want to archive a real lion’s mane. And we all know what that means: get your teasing combs out! Now, carefully tease the roots of that lower part of hair, make sure to get a little hairspray on it, then tease it some more.

Step 4

With a thin curling iron (1-2 cm Amika, for example) grab a thin (!) streak of hair and twirl them over the curling iron. Not too neat, lions usually don’t use curling irons.

Step 5

Repeat … repeat … and repeat again. Each strand of all levels. And do not forget to tease each root of the strings slightly. Be careful on the top of the head though to make sure you don’t turn that look into some Tina Turner game. Just make sure to only tease the layers and parts nobody sees.

Step 6

Now each strand should be beautiful curled, but not look too draped and neat. Now you take each strand individually and carefully drag them apart at the end of the curl.

Step 7

Don’t give up, we’re almost done. Fix your curls with a hairspray tilting your head upside down – et voila! Another great tipp to not ruin the look: Don’t use shine spray. It makes the hair heavier and brings it back to it’s initial state.



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