How to apply the loose glitter on eyes you deserve

Applying glitter can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know where to start, especially on the eyes were fucking up once is enough.

I’ll teach you how to apply the loose glitter on your eyes even if it’s not your birthday.

Products I used

Tweezerman Brush i-Q Blender, Concealer &Eyeshadow Brush

Primer – M.A.C Cosmetics

M.A.C’s Facegloss

Pigments of your preference

Choosing the right products is key.
Ensure you use only cosmetic-grade glitter.

Step 1


Start off with a clean eye and moisturised skin.
Always make sure that  your brushes are clean before using them on your face.

Step 2


As a  base I used a M.A.C primer & dabbed the product gently with a Tweezerman eyeshadow brush  on my eye lid.

Step 3

sarah makeup0148

To make the glitter stick on my eye lid I applied a thin layer of M.A.C’s face gloss with  Tweezerman’s pointed concealer brush.

Step 4


In the last step I added some eye glitter on the face gloss. Tap the blender brush a little bit before placing the pigments on your eye lid to reduce the excess product.


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