How to be Parisienne

It’s not like I have actually figured out. But watching the Parisienne is close to reading a novel. Women in Paris.. how they stroll along the streets of Paris in their flats, their hair waving in a gentle breeze right over their collarbones. Against my expectation, none of them carried a croissant, but I guess that’s the secret to being able to see the collarbones. Makes you feel a little less Parisienne, looking down to your Nike Frees and a cheesy baguette. But ah well that was only a look out of the window, still took the chance to change.

Paris! I was there. I am embarrassed to admit that I made my first visit to Paris in my mid-20s, after being told my entire life that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. So after having watched Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris in a loop for one night, I had more than enough (two) knock-out-arguments to get things planned.

Of course it was not just for my own pleasure. Yes it was. Due to Paris Fashion Week.

It would be hard to say that Paris surprised me, when you consider how many very particular images of the city have been etched in my imagination, but I’ll have to admit, that in real life it is indeed breathtaking. Strolling around the streets in the city of love. What else do you want.

Of course I put up a To-Do-list for Paris. Probably containing more than 1500 signs, I started wishing I had always been that creative in university looking at it. I did not have enough time to put a tick behind every project. Surprised? Unlikely. Calls for a second time in Paris, and I’m not going to raise a paw and complain.

Still, I managed to find out about three insiders‘ tips that have found their way on my list and will now be placed on yours:

Numreo un: Free first Sundays. Three words that are great on their own and marvelous in combination. If you get your timing right, you should definitely seize the opportunity of first free Sundays. You can visit some of the most popular museums and monuments in Paris for free, thanks to the free first Sundays programme. Among those included are the typical sightseeing-spots such as the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay, as well smaller quirky spots. The free Sundays offers the perfect opportunity to poke your toe into some of the places you may not have considered visiting with a door tax.

Numero deux: Parc de la Villette. When visiting Paris during summer you should make the most of a summer evening in Paris and reschedule your movienight to the open-air cinema at the Parc de la Villette. This opportunity can be taken during July and August and the movies usually follow a particular theme.

Numero trois: La Crêperie bretonne fleurie de l’épouse du marin. The spectacularly-named ‘flower-filled Breton crêperie run by a sailor’s wife’ feels like the haunt of all wood, old posters, antique objects and postcards from all over the world, giving the place an immediate charme. Its name is too long. Don’t attempt to remember it. Only remember the taste of the crêpes you’ll be having there. They will lead you back to this place for the rest of your life.


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