Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe she read those life changing concealer tricks.

After a night out and a risky look in the mirror most of us come to the conclusion that a  perfect face beat doesn’t last forever. My least favorite part is the creasing concealer under my eyes. All the freshness it was supposed to serve backfires in a ‘5 day without sleep stressing over exams’ kind of look.

Today is all about how to stop your concealer from creasing.

Products I used

M.A.C Foundation

Tweezerman Beautyblender

Cleansing tissues

Laura Mercier Loose Powder

M.A.C Concealer

Benefit ‘Stay don’t Stray’ Primer

Makeup Facial Sponges

Tweezerman Brush iQ Powder and Concealer

Choosing the right beauty products is key.
Make sure that your beauty tools are clean and disinfected before using them on your face.

Brushes ready? - Let's go!

Step 1


I like to start with putting on my foundation to even out my skin tone. To get rid of the foundation underneath my eyes , I gently tap the product away using my fingers. Make sure to  clean your fingers during the process on a cleansing tissue.

Step 2


Next I’m using Benefit’s ‘Stay don’t stray’ which is a eyeshadow – & concealer base. I place 3 dots with my Tweezerman concealer brush under my eyes and blend it with my fingers. Tip: Double tap on the creasing concerned areas.

Step 3


In the next step I mix my right ethnicity using  two  concealer colors. Now I place the concealer under my eye’s . To make the concealer blend perfectly I wet my Tweezerman beauty sponge a little bit and dab it on my concealer. Now blend.

Step 4


Before I set the concealer and go in with all that powder I first go back in with my foundation sponge and make sure that all the creases are gone. In the next step I get one of my dry facial make up sponges, dab it in the Laura Mercier loose powder  and  gently lay it on my  under-eye area on top of my concealer.

Step 5


Now let it cook. Let the powder sit for five minutes, in the meantime I usually do my brows. In the last step, after cooking my concealer I  gently swipe the excess powder south, away from my face.


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