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10 Beautiful and Captivating Movies to Watch During the Summer

10 Beautiful and Captivating Movies to Watch During the Summer

Summer is here and I’m spending most of my days basking in the sun and drinking any type of liquid I can get my hands on. And although I love spending time outside when the hot temperatures hit, summer nights are perfect for staying indoors and catching up on cinematic entertainment too. Nothing puts you in a better mood than a beautifully filmed story with an awe-inspiring plot. Add adorable picknicks, blossoming gardens, idyllic villages and miniskirts and you have yourself the ultimate summertime movie. NBGA has listed some of our favourite films below; a mix of artsy coming-of-age films, timeless throwbacks and must-watch classics.

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

This magical film directed by Sofia Coppola is about a group of young boys who become obsessed with five secretive sisters, sheltered by their controlling parents. Set in the 1970’s, the film’s warm, retro light in combination with the sisters’ white, wispy dresses makes for a summertime classic.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Although Woody Allen is problematic as a person, you can’t deny that wittier dialogues than his are hard to come by. In this movie, directed by Allen, the friends Vicky and Cristina go on a summer holiday to Spain and find themselves in a romantic entanglement. Penélope Cruz wearing sheer dresses while painting abstract paintings outdoors is exactly the person I want to be this and every summer.

The Florida Project (2017)

This movie will absolutely melt your heart! Set over the course of one summer, we get to follow six-year-old Moonee and her rebellious yet caring, young mother who live in the shadows of Disney World.

Frida (2002)

If you haven’t watched this classic yet, it’s about time you get to it! I could watch Frida on repeat all summer long, to be honest. Based on the true-life story of iconic artist Frida Kahlo, every scene is just so eclectic and beautiful.

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

What good is a list of favourite movies without a mention of Wes Anderson’s aesthetically pleasing masterpieces? Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of a young boy and girl who run away to an isolated beach together. Summer-y, touching and absolutely adorable.

Our Song (2000)

Our Song is such an honest and positive coming-of-age story. Set during a hot August in Brooklyn in the late 90’s, we get to follow three high school girls trying to grapple with what life throws their way. The story is told in such an honest way the film becomes reminiscent of a documentary.

Big Fish (2003)

This “fantasy comedy-drama” is about a man who tells the stories of his remarkable and eventful life from his deathbed. It’s a stunning, heart-warming and at times absurd film that goes down in history as one of the greatest. If you’re looking for something that will make you think – this is a given.

Marie Antoinette (2006)

Marie Antoinette is another classic by Coppola that I could watch on repeat for obvious, aesthetic reasons. The castle, clothes, music, desserts, wigs and parties are all as if taken straight out of a dream! Really hoping time machines are invented soon so that I can travel back in time and be reincarnated as a young queen Marie.

Mustang (2015)

Ugh, I just love this film. Set in a remote Turkish village, the story follows five orphaned sisters as they fight for their right to freedom in a conservative and controlling society. Additionally, the movie is directed and written by women – as if you needed one more reason to watch this heart-wrenching masterpiece.

The Brothers Bloom (2008)

The Brothers Bloom features one of my all-time favourite female characters: Penelope. She’s an eccentric and fearless heiress who somehow ends up helping the world’s best con men in their elaborate scheme to do one last con job. 

by Michelle Hallstrom
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