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10 times Rihanna Pulled Off an Outfit Better Than a Model

10 times Rihanna Pulled Off an Outfit Better Than a Model

It’s no secret that we are stanning Rihanna pretty hard at NBGA. Every song she features and every makeup collection she launches turns into Fenty magic. And her outfit game? Legendary. How is it even physically possible to pull off every single outfit with the confidence and elegance that Rihanna does? It beats me.

Some might argue that Badgalriri is just a mannequin doll for the many stylists and design teams working for her, but if that’s all it takes, we’d have a lot more icons like her. Sure, her stylists deserve a lot of credit, but at the end of the day, Rihanna calls the shots and decides who she wants in her team to begin with. And trust me, I could headhunt the most avant-garde stylists in the world, but never in a million years could I level with Riri’s sartorial eminence. She just possesses that je ne sais quoi the rest of us mortals can only dream of.

So, to prove our point, we have gathered 10 perfect examples of times when Rihanna pulled off an outfit better than a runway model. ‘Cus as the saying goes: it’s ugly until Rihanna decides it’s not.

Photo from Instagram by Badgalriri | Photo by Marcus Tondo

Molly Goddard‘s bright blue Rio dress from the Fall/Winter 2017 collection is a blue tulle gown I wouldn’t even dream of wearing after seeing it on the runway. How could this creation ever even look cute? I guess I stand corrected. Rihanna did that.

Photo via FameFlynet | Photo by Yannis Vlamos

A couple summers ago, Rihanna stepped out in Stockholm wearing this Vetements spring ’16 yellow dream looking gorgeous. The same outfit on the runway, however? Mundane af.

Photo via Instagram by Badgalriri | Photo via Vogue 

Nobody pulls off a Canadian tuxedo like Riri. This Tom Ford Spring  ’18 outfit consisting of knee-high white-tipped boots, a denim jacket and miniskirt is absolutely jaw-dropping on Rihanna. The model looks great too ofc, but it’s just a whole other ball game when Rihanna wears it.

Photo via Instagram by Badgalriri | Photo via Vogue

Okay, I see how it is… A Kaia Gerber and Rihanna wear-off! I’m gonna be honest and say I’m a little biased. Rihanna always wins in my book. She stepped out in the Virgil Abloh-designed look worn by Kaia Gerber on the runway for Off-White’s Spring ’18 Fashion Week. And although both look great, it just looks a lot more tailored to Riri’s figure.

Photo via Style by Molekor | Photo via Ghetty Images

Where to begin with these Balenciaga pants? To be honest, they’re straight up ugly. So I wonder what made Rihanna think that they’d be a good idea for a music video ‘fit. But I clearly stand corrected. Ugly pants + Riri’s thighs = an iconic look.

Photo via Daily Mail Photo via

This long-sleeve mini dress with asymmetrical ruffles looks so boring on the runway. Is the model even wearing the right size? Rihanna though, she was dressed to the nines in this baby blue number. Gorgeous.

Photo via InStyle Photo via

This is just such a great example of how all dresses seem to somehow be perfectly tailored to Rihanna’s curves. I think you get the memo by now: the Dior dress looks meh on the runway and divine on Riri.

Photo by Yannis Vlamos Photo by Getty / Rindoff

I just love Riri in pink. Here she is, wearing a cape from Dior fall 2015 couture collection, looking amazing. I would have never guessed that this would look so classy and unique on Rihanna after seeing the same number on the runway.

Photo via Splash News Photo via Elle

I love this spring ´18 Marianna Senchina dress on Rihanna! It’s the type of outfit I would see on the runway and nudge my shoulders at. Make Rihanna wear it though, and I’ll be in awe. She’s just. so. gorgeous.

Photo via Hollywood Life Photo via Alberta Ferretti

You best believe I saved the best for last!! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Rihanna is the best thing that has ever happened to this dress. It went from a strong “oh look what I found in the back of my closet, I even forgot I own this old rag” to a “Riri you need to archive this masterpiece among your most iconic looks for millions of generations to come”.

Case closed. It’s ugly until Rihanna decides it’s not. That’s just the world we live in.

by Michelle Hallstrom
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