14 Female Empowering, Feminist Anthems and Music Videos

They say human beings consist of 70% water, but I’m pretty sure my particular body is an exception to that rule. I’m 50% Survivor by Destiny’s Child and the other 50% Stripped by Christina Aguilera.


If there’s one thing I wish to pass on to younger generations of women it’s our cultural heritage of boss ass female artists. Every song might not be completely unproblematic (Anaconda by Nicki Minaj, feminist or nah?) Nevertheless, they’re all crucial, liberating anthems in the grand scheme of things.


So what better way to celebrate feminist songs than for NBGA to list some of our favourites in an article? Bring out your popcorn and get ready to take a walk down memory lane, or perhaps even discover something new!

by Michelle Hallstrom
cover photo courtesy of Marie Claire