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What is so amazing about these women, is not just the work they are constantly doing, but how they stay so true to who they are individually and to their blackness

A Conversation On Social Messages With Layan Al-Dabbous From Claudette The Brand

I want people to be inspired at the end of the day. I want them to know that when it comes to big dreams and aspirations

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Miraa May Talks Consent, Faith, And Gets Real About Female Empowerment

You can’t escape sadness in this day and age it’s such a present emotion. Some of that emotion turns into anger and some of it turns into the funny shit we see online.

New Wave Femininity : 5 Female Fashion Designers Giving Us the Full Fantasy

I’ve always gone for the full fantasy of fashion, obsessing over clothes with exaggerated silhouettes, kaleidoscopic color palettes, and luxurious fabrics- and have found that, in terms of combining these elements and making them wearable, women do it best.

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Color creates a testimony of emotion, unique to each individual. It defines a part of our existence as humans; a most powerful, visual cue that helps to identify how we engage with the world.

Meet Bossy LDN: The DJ Duo Putting Female Empowerment Into Action

This International Women’s Day I got the pleasure of celebrating with creative duo Bossy LDN as they put female empowerment into action. Bossy LDN, made up of Izzy Steven and Dee Coombes,