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5 Exhibitions You Should Visit In Copenhagen This Winter

5 Exhibitions You Should Visit In Copenhagen This Winter

It’s cold, wet and grey outside, but don’t worry, I’ve found five exhibitions for you to escape the breezy weather from. And they’re filled with explosions of color and sensations that are the artistic equivalent of a high-quality hot chocolate.

For those of us who are all about the art you’re actually ALLOWED to touch and the others who enjoy it from a distance, there’s enough to go around whether you’re going at it alone, with friends or a special someone. So, scroll down to check out a potential refuge you’ll actually want to stay at, even if the sun makes an unexpected return.

Lauren Greenfield: Generation Wealth 

For all of us who are secretly interested in the life of the rich and famous and those of us who are curious. Lauren Greenfield’s solo photography exhibition at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is the peek into their gold crusted window. But it isn’t as glamorous as we thought it would be. Lauren’s photographs span decades, documenting a radical cultural change in our values. Her collection of images start with the financial crisis and capture the corruption of the American dream. Don’t be mistaken though, her photographs are not an expose on the super-rich, but instead describe, in her words: “how the body, youth, sexuality and ‘looking rich’ have become the value of our time.” The photos, videos, and interviews act as evidence to the materialistic, celebrity-obsessed consumerist culture that we’re defined by. You’ll see plastic surgery from the operating table, toddlers in tiaras, and diamond crusted toilets. And I’m not joking about the toilet.


Where: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

When: Oct 22, 2019 – Feb 16, 2020

Find more information here.

Wu Tsang, Into A Space Of Love (2018), video still. Single-channel 2K video with stereo sound. 26 minutes. Courtesy of Frieze and GUCCI

WU TSANG Diversity is Reality 

If you’re into movies with a message this mini-exhibition is a must-see. Made up of two video installations by American filmmaker and performance artist Wu Tsang, the exhibition is moody and powerful. It unpacks pressing issues relating to appropriation, visibility, and representation. The first video is a personal manifesto of sorts and speaks to the soul. The second is an in-depth exploration of New York’s diverse club culture. Featuring interviews with drag queens, personal narratives and dance compilations that make you want to pull out a notebook mid-movie and take notes. Bottom line, this collection of works is all about diversity, and while it’s only made up of two works, it can also be explored with Copenhagen Contemporary’s sister exhibition called Performa Archive.


Where: Copenhagen Contemporary

When: June 20, 2019 – Nov 10 2019

Find more information here.

Marsden Hartley. Painting, Number 5. Oil on linen.1914-15

This one’s for all of you who enjoy the classics. From delicate brushstrokes to perfectly mixed color palettes, the exhibition at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art on American painter Marsden Hartley fulfills all our criteria on traditional aesthetic artworks. There’s a focus on people, men in particular who are rendered in moody tones and bright bursts of color. To add to all this gorgeous technique, the portraits are complemented by landscapes. The exhibition is a vast collection of his works, including an abstract series inspired by WWII and all its horror.


Where: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

When: Nov 19, 2019 – Jan 1, 2020

Find more information here.

Shahryar Nashat: Start Begging 

Shahryar Nashat’s solo exhibition at Statens Museum for Kunst is minimal, it’s modern and it’s pink. There’s pink light filtering through the window that makes the entire space feel like maybe its an artwork too. In fact, pink is a common thread, from the pink synthetic sculptures to a large video closeup of the body. The video flashes through macro photographs of skin, pores and all, and is followed up by a startingly blown-up picture of a hairy armpit. It’s surprising for sure but thought-provoking too. The entire exhibition revolves around themes of intimacy, desire, and the body. To add to the mix, there’s ethereal music playing on repeat to really set the mood. 


Where: Statens Museum for Kunst

When: – Dec 27, 2019

Find more information here.

Tête de Louise Alenius 

If you went to see the collection of Shahryar Nashat’s at Statens Museum for Kunst, you might as well pop into Louise Alenius’ artwork, Tête. Literally. Louise’s artwork is the kind designed for those of us who like to immerse ourselves in artwork, she invites viewers to take a seat inside the massive wooden head. That incidentally is a blown-up version of her own head. One at a time, you are treated to an atmospheric soundtrack composed by Louise that plays on a loop. It’s a celebration of uninterrupted thoughts, the practice of mindfulness and giving ourselves a moment to reflect and focus without the interruptions of everyday life.


Where: Statens Museum for Kunst

When: – Oct 27, 2019

Find more information here: 

By Raramai Campbell
Cover pic: Wu Tsang, Into A Space Of Love (2018), video still. Single-channel 2K video with stereo sound. 26 minutes. Courtesy of Frieze and GUCCI
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