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5 Iconic Girl Squad Looks for that Last Minute Halloween Costume

5 Iconic Girl Squad Looks for that Last Minute Halloween Costume

With Halloween just around the corner and the array of last-minute party invites, you and your girls are most likely distressed over finding a unique costume idea for the entire crew. Instead of scrambling for some sad, packaged Halloween costumes, we drew some inspiration from some of our favourite girl squads, with costumes you probably already have in your closet! Here are 5 last-minute looks from some iconic girl squads:

#1 Destiny’s Child in Survivor

If you are gonna sit here and tell us that you don’t own anything camouflage, YOU ARE LYING! But seriously, camo is a very attainable pattern and that’s pretty much all you’ll need for this outfit— and not much of it. Just take that old camo tank, or mini skirt and pair it with some glam makeup and you’re done! If you really don’t have any camouflage lying around then take a quick trip to your local fabric shop and pick a small amount up. Just tear some pieces and pin it onto your existing camisole and mini skirt and there you have it. Now all you and your friends have left to do is fight over who gets to be Beyoncé.

#2 The Gossip Girl girls

You don’t need to go to Constance to get Blair and Serena’s signature school look. If you went to a school with a uniform, then you more than likely have a plaid kilt hiding in the depths of your closet. If not, the items for this costume can easily be thrifted. All you need is a plaid skirt, a white collared blouse and a tie or knee high socks. You can accessorize with your own statement jewelry or a headband and voila! You can pretty much skip that Halloween party now and go have froyo on the MET steps.

#3 Charlie’s Angels

There are a couple renditions of this iconic trio but we’re thinking 2000s Charlie’s Angels featuring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. Not the classic tv series but the costume is really just classic pieces that you already own. For this specific look, you’ll need a pair of black pants, a black tank or tee and one of you can add a black blazer on top. Finish the look with a pair of black pumps and you’ll be ready (or at least look ready) to kick some butt!

#4 Bayside’s Cheer squad

Let’s hope you all remember the Saved by the Bell icons that were Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano and Lisa Turtle. These girls pretty much lived in their cheerleading outfits and I was always envious. Good thing is that this look is fairly simple: a maroon polo and a white skater or pleated skirt. To really take the look to another level, add a pair of white sneakers and feel free to grab some cheer pom poms from your local dollar store or costume store. Go Tigers!

#5 The Mean Girls

To keep you and your squad out of the Burn Book for not having cool Halloween costumes, here’s a great last-minute option: recreate the Mean Girls looks. More specifically, the iconic outfits they wore on the Wednesday when Cady was drowning in that pink polo while Regina, Gretchen and Karen were dressed in mini skirts and millennial pink. These looks can be created with some staples from your own closets, with a few adjustments. You can accessorize with your favourite 2000s pieces, including a mini handbag and an old flip phone.

by Lindsay Selliha
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