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AD// 5 major Denim Trends for this Summer with 7 For All Mankind

AD// 5 major Denim Trends for this Summer with 7 For All Mankind

Denim never disappoints. Whether it’s a favorite jean jacket or patchwork mini skirt, it’s easily the most trusted staple of any season. This means summer is bound to see its fair share of cut off jean shorts and distressed high-waisted jeans, and we’re not mad. Yes, crochet tops and linen skirts are tempting, but we all know the cool (and comfortable) gal always keeps her favorite denim pieces close by. To help maintain our cool this summer we paired up with 7 For All Mankind to create some go-to looks that will meet all warm-weather needs. Rooted in the idea that everyone should be able to express their own individuality 7 For All Mankind supplies denim that can always be mixed, experimented with, dressed up or down – fully allowing each individual’s unique take on the denim to shine through. Putting these outfits together was just as much fun as it was exciting, approaching our everyday essentials with a new eye and seeing how we could step out of our routine with our already beloved pieces and step up our fashion game.

The Update

A denim jacket is the ideal canvas for all your favorite add-ons, I can already imagine a collection of Etsy pins making there way onto the collar and pockets of Inside Out Jacket. Much like decking out your apparel back in high school, with pins and patches of your favorite band, but now with (slightly) better taste. Luca wears the Classic Inside Out Jacket with Edie Mojave Dusk Jeans where the lighter wash of the jacket was complemented by the deeper shade of the Edies. Denim jackets are the quintessential add-on to summer dress, not only functional but a perfect steely contrast for a balanced look.


For the blue jean baby with their head in the clouds simplicity is where it’s at. Fitted and sleek the Daydream Jumpsuit serves major catwoman- strolling-through-the-farmers-market-on-a-sunday vibes. To alter the look for a more nighttime approach w e simply called in the accessories. Jamela plays it up with hoop earrings, but sky-high stilettos will also help complete the changeover. The one-piece ensemble is lightly washed, which means it will easily transitions from summer to fall. Add a coat and it may even hold up until the early stages of winter – an easy three for one.

Popsicle Pink

A uniformed look doesn’t mean walking down the road of pallid neutrals. I mean, just look at Solange for example, adding color should not be a daunting thing.  And although we may not be strutting down red carpets like Ms. Knowles, we can still join in on the fun. Luca gets rosy and coordinated in the Edie Pants and Modern Trucker Jacket both in Ice Dye Pink, and while the washed out pink adds a strike of color it doesn’t make you feel like Strawberry Shortcake. The individual pieces can also be worn alone if Canadian suit-esque fun isn’t quite your style i.e., your fave pair of darker denim or matched up with white jeans.

A Throwback

Giving us major 60s nostalgia, letting loose will come easy with bell bottoms’ edgier cousin – the wide leg pant. Slightly cropped the free-hanging flare will have all your summer dancing looking effortless. The relaxed fit also allows for maximum litheness while sitting on any picnic blanket or extra coverage for when you’re that friend who gets stuck sitting on the itchy grass. Jamela wears the Marnie Unrolled Daydream Wide Leg Pant paired with the Classic Inside Out Jacket to buffer out that midsummer night breeze. Sans jacket the Unrolled Daydreams can also be rocked with a crop top or baseball for the ultimate ‘Summer of Love’ effect.

The OG

When you can’t decide on one hue of blue, why not go for all of them? Adding a  twist to the white tee and jeans combo Luca pairs her Carhartt Pocket Tee with the button-up Indigo Shades Pencil Skirt to help modify this classic. Giving us major Phlemuns vibes – the L.A. designer responsible for putting patchwork back on the map – the pencil skirt does not stick to an orderly cut, making each square of fabric unique in color and size. A subtle but noticeable switch that helps this look stray from the ordinary. Nothing humdrum about these blues.

by Carolina Ramos
MU/ Hair & Shot by Sarah Feingold
Models: Luca / Jamela
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