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6 podcasts that will help you accomplish anything

6 podcasts that will help you accomplish anything

As a true millennial, I spend half of my life with my AirPods plugged in. Whether I’m listening to something or just avoiding unwelcome conversations, podcasts have quickly become my new favourite pastime. Simply because they make that ride to wherever, whenever a lot more educational.

No longer an alt-right male-dominated field for discussing booze, boobs and sports, podcasting has blossomed into a transformative space for honing in new life skills and championing the person you aspire to be.

So… on that note, we’ve compiled a list of 6 shows that’ll rally you into becoming whatever version of yourself that you want.

1/ Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel

Resolution: Build Healthier Relationships

Esther Perel Podcast

I first came across Esther Perel on the Red Table Talk, and within moments I found myself on Google trying to find out everything about her. As a world-renowned relationship therapist, she was serving up value insight on cheating and whether or not, relationships can (or should) bounce back.

Shortly after, I found myself immersed in her podcast. Offering a front-row insight into couples therapy, I couldn’t tell whether it was the tea that kept me laser-focused or feeling like all my impending relationships were somehow being healed. All I can say is that each session leaves me with an altered perspective for less than half the price.

2/ Ctrl Alt Delete — Emma Gannon

Resolution: Getting a Grip on Things


Multi-hyphenate extraordinaire, Emma Gannon checked all my resolution boxes with this one. With episode topics ranging from building a business with Glossier’s Emily Weiss to a case study on creating your own path in life featuring Elaine Weltheroth, I’m picking up skills left, right and centre.

Ctrl Alt Delete is a powerful combination of feminism, career advice and tips and tricks to master the art of not giving a fuck while taking control of your life. Trailing through her episodes, you’ll find every guest you can imagine including Eva Chen, Leandre Medine Cohen and actress, Jameela Jamil.

3/ On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Resolution: Manoeuvre Your Mind, Body + Soul

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Despite also being a guest on the Red Table Talk, I found Jay Shetty via Instagram. In a short clip, the ex-monk dropped life-changing considerations on self-awareness and growth. His unique life experiences merged with modern-day reality creates a lens that magnifies the power of the mind.

Ranking as the number 1 health podcast in the world, Jay has amassed a cult following that includes Khloe Kardashian, Mona Hattan and Kobe Bryant. Luckily, he also managed to get a conversation out of them that makes a great episode.

4/ Fash-ON, Fash-OFF by i-D

Resolution: Master the Fashion Game

FashON FashOFF

As fashion continues to oscillate between trends, Fash-ON, Fash-OFF focuses on what’s happening behind the scenes. Navigating deeply into culture’s wavering stance on fashion has built a distinct road map that details the journeys of some of the industry’s biggest names.

Former culture editor, Matthew Whitehouse unpacked everything from key moments to runway analyses. All without shying away from unanswered questions needed to provoke necessary changes in the industry.

5/ In Good Company

Resolution: Activate Your Girl Boss

In Good Company

We all know being a woman in business can be difficult. Climbing the ranks of the patriarchy set up to play you calls for systems of women supporting other women, and Otegha has quickly come to the forefront of that.

In Good Company is the perfect listen for girl bosses looking to grow within their respective fields, whether you work full-time or freelance. Amongst the sheros that teach everything from money management to protecting online identities are Sharmadean Reid, Liv Little and Funmi Fetto.

6/ Fat Mascara

Resolution: Step Up Your Beauty Aesthetic

Fat Mascara

If there is ever anyone to get beauty advice from, it’s beauty directors. Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein are podcast pioneers that rid of all your beauty confusion by asking the questions that you might not even know you had.

The perfect infusion of comedy, science and girl chat, Fat Mascara opens the doors to introspection while you weed through your want list to highlight what you need and what will actually work.

Granted you may not be one for new year resolutions, but something about entering a new decade might make you want to set some. Maybe it was the beginning of the decade/end of decade memes or maybe your essence is just calling to level up in line with a new vision. Regardless of what it is, I say weigh into it.

by Kamara Hakeem-Oyawoye
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