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6 Products You Need for a Luxurious Evening Routine

6 Products You Need for a Luxurious Evening Routine

Self-care is a popular term these days, which makes sense if you’ve read the news or simply scrolled through Twitter lately. But even if you aren’t stressed by the current state of affairs (how?), it’s good to focus on yourself from time to time, especially when it involves your beauty routine! One of the easiest ways to incorporate some self-care time into your busy schedule is to create a bedtime routine, whether it’s a 12 step K-beauty regimen or a quick hair mask.

Regardless of your end goal, remember that a bedtime beauty routine doesn’t have to be only about beauty, it’s just easier to say than bedtime-beauty-skincare-health-wellness-and-meditation routine so here we go.

The first and arguably most important step in my bedtime routine is removing my makeup. You don’t even want to know what could happen if you leave your mascara on night after night for years (Google at your own risk). After a long day or a night out with friends it may be tempting to just crash into bed, but with a nice removing cleanser like the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm you can easily remove every trace of makeup. Without stripping your skin, this balm will remove everything from a semi-permanent liquid lip to the most waterproof mascara. It contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and anti-oxidants so you know it’s doing great things for your skin.

Somewhere after makeup remover and other personalized skincare steps, it’s essential to moisturize. A few times a week when you have enough time for a full routine, treat yourself with this hydrating mask from Kiehl’s. It contains Squalane, Desert Plant Extract, and Glacial Glycoprotein Extract which will work together to keep your skin moisturized and glowing.

Even if you’re not a high-maintenance beauty freak like myself, it’s always important to take care of your nails. A healthy and moisturized set of nails will help you look like you have your life together, with the added bonus of being hangnail-free. If you’re unfamiliar with the CND brand, I urge you to check out the co-founder, Jan Arnold’s Instagram for some serious style and nail inspo. A quick swipe of their Solar Oil on your nails before bed will nourish your cuticles and is a great product to have when you’re recovering from a set of acrylics.

One of my favorite things about my nighttime beauty routine is how easy it is, especially when it comes to my hair. There are plenty of hair treatments out there, but this Briogeo hair mask is numero uno. Briogeo gets a lot of attention because their products are luxurious and effective, and are made without synthetic stuff we love to hate like parabens and sulfates.

Another beauty sleep tip is to use a silk pillowcase instead of your standard cotton one, which can cause wrinkles, blemishes, and hair breakage (oh my!). Some silk pillowcases are made specifically to prevent acne while others are better for hair, but you can’t deny the ease of throwing on a good pillowcase and reaping the benefits night after night. Just remember to wash it regularly.

One of the more valuable parts of my evening routine is meditation. Everyone knows meditation can help us relax, unwind, and give our brains some love at the end of a long day, but it’s not that easy in practice. When I try to be calm and meditate my mind seems to run wild with worries, so the guided meditation from the Calm app has been a game-changer. There are plenty of sleep stories to choose from as well, which are like adult bedtime stories to help you fall asleep. That sounds dirty. It’s not, I swear. I decided to purchase the app because I don’t know how to be frugal and it helped me relax before bed, but if that ain’t your style, Youtube is free!

If you have the time and energy to create a luxurious bedtime routine, it’s a great way to unwind while getting your “beauty sleep”. If not, make sure to maintain a relaxing environment in your bedroom to promote the best possible sleep, so you can crash into bed after a long day. But for the love of all thing’s beauty, please take off your makeup!

by Clare Saxton
cover photo: Flaming June by Frederic Leighton
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