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7 New Makeup and Skincare Products to Add to your Collection this Fall

7 New Makeup and Skincare Products to Add to your Collection this Fall

The arrival of fall is an exciting time. We finally get to bundle up in chunky sweaters, sip apple cider, and painstakingly study each new fall makeup product, trying to decide what we actually need and what just looks nice on Instagram. Okay, maybe we don’t all do that last one but that’s why you’re reading this! Because I did it! It’s finally October and we’ve seen plenty of products released for the fall, but damn- there’s a lot of eyeshadow palettes. Virtually every big beauty brand has released a new palette this fall, but if eyeshadows not your thing there are plenty of other new products on the market for you to indulge in this fall.

Natasha Denona is known for having amazing eyeshadow palettes, but if you don’t want to shell out over 100 bucks for one, this mini is a great place to start. With most palettes adhering to a warm red and neutral theme lately, it’s refreshing to see a different range of colors in the Star Eyeshadow palette, and the mini contains great choices. The formulas are diverse, too, with matte, metallic, and a fun duo-chrome for you to experiment with this fall.

Here’s an eyeshadow palette and you may think this one contains typical fall shades, but there’s nothing typical about any product from Pat McGrath Labs. This palette contains 10 rich shades that will give you insane color payoff while blending effortlessly. Oh, and if you’re a sucker for good packaging, you won’t be disappointed. Consider it an early Christmas present- for yourself.

When Rihanna first introduced Stunna Lip Paint to the world, there were mixed reactions. First- why only one color? Then when people finally got to try it, it just made sense. The universal red became a staple in makeup bags everywhere, and now we can add a few more shades to our collection. She’s added Unveil, a chocolate brown; Uncuffed, a rosy mauve; Unbutton, a peachy nude; and Uninvited, a smooth black. These matte shades will last all day without drying out your lips, which is always a bonus for matte liquid lips.

Mmmm pumpkin. We add pumpkin to pretty much everything in the fall, so it’s only fitting that Summer Fridays added pumpkin enzymes to their new Overtime Mask. If you’ve been anywhere near a Sephora this summer you’ve probably heard of the new brand, founded by bloggers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland. In addition to the pumpkin, which will smooth and brighten skin, this mask contains Apricot Seed Powder and Beta Carotene which will exfoliate your skin and give you a natural glow.

Wander Beauty is a relatively new brand that was created for anyone who doesn’t have time to sit at a vanity and put on a full face every morning. Which is most of us. They’ve created products for the girl on the go to help streamline our makeup routine while on the train or our walk to class, and have made waves on Instagram with their gold eye masks. They’re also striving to create a diverse shade range for their complexion products. On the Full Coverage Beauty Podcast, co-founder Divya Gugnani explains how challenging it is for a young brand to produce 40 shades like Rihanna did with Fenty Beauty, but as a woman of color, it’s something she’s passionate about. The Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation currently has 12 shades, but I have a feeling we’ll see a more diverse range in the future.

Fear not, my adventurous makeup lovers, you no longer need to rub Vaseline on your face for that glossy lid effect. More and more brands are taking this look, which is usually reserved for the runway, and making it mainstream, and with gorgeous products like the oil-free Flesh Pot, which I’m incredibly grateful for. Flesh Beauty’s OG Flesh Pot is a versatile peach and gold gloss that looks great on both eyes and cheekbones, and this month they’re coming out with more colors! According to Allure, we can expect to see limited-edition Flesh Pots in Disco Nap, a champagne gloss with silver glitter, and Enchantment, a sheer red with silver glitter.

With a name like Waterfall Glacier Water Cream, I have a feeling this moisturizer will get the job done throughout fall and winter. I dislike heavy moisturizers on my face, so the lightweight gel-like consistency of this moisturizer makes me feel good about slathering it on my face every morning. It’s made for all skin types and doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, or fragrances so even those of you with the most sensitive skin can enjoy a smooth hydrated face without irritation.

by Clare Saxton
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