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7 Women Just as Cool as their Celebrity Sisters

7 Women Just as Cool as their Celebrity Sisters

We all have our favorite female pop culture icons, and these women in the limelight have every reason to be admired. But sometimes, we need a reminder that just because a select few are in the spotlight doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of women who don’t deserve the same adoration. Besides, who doesn’t love a super cool sister duo? The more sisters the merrier. 

We have listed some of the super cool sisters to a few of our favorites who we think you’ll love just as much as their more famous sibling. 

Kenya Kinski-Jones

The Jones family is a big one, but of Quincy’s children you’ve probably heard about Rashida Jones the most. Rashida gained public recognition with her role as Karen Filippelli on the series The Office and Ann Perkins on Parks and Recreation. But did you know her younger sister Kenya has walked in Chanel shows, has been the face of Stella McCartney fragrance, and has been featured in Calvin Klein campaigns, all before the age of 25? All of that while having a must-follow Instagram aesthetic to match her credentials. Her posts inspire elegance with just enough throwbacks and delightfully carefree day-in-the-life captures. With having accomplished so much at such a young age, she’s someone to keep an eye on.

Elena Ora

Elena Ora, while more behind the scenes, is not to be overshadowed. Sister to singer-songwriter Rita Ora, Elena is the brain behind the business. In a TEDx talk, Elena talks about how at the ages of 18 and 16 her and her sister were met with the opportunity to have Rita sign with Roc Nation. At the time there was no management team, but Elena made sure to see through the opportunity and ever since she’s been the heartbeat to much of Rita’s career as a pop icon. Elena is not just a manager, but a brand builder. Beauty and brains, Elena is proof that girls, we run the world.

Hennessy Carolina

Hennessy Carolina, sister to none other than the queen of the Bronx we know and love, Cardi B, hasn’t been too hidden from the limelight. Like Cardi, Hennessy appeared on the reality TV series Love & Hip Hop: New York. But reality TV isn’t where her heart lies.  Hennessy has worked on a design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and with a quick glance at her Instagram, it’s clear fashion is a major part of her life. Her style could be described as a mix between street-style and glam, and regardless of either, it’s extra (in the best way).

Chuck Grant

You may not know of Chuck Grant, but it’s very possible you’ve seen her work. Chuck Grant, sister to musical artist Lana Del Rey, is a photographer, director, and model. She shot the cover art for Lana’s early albums “Kill Kill” and “Lana Del Rey” and since then she’s shot covers for Fader and Galore and has directed campaign videos like this one for Gucci. Her work, much in the same vein as her sister’s, can be described as ethereal and dreamlike. It must run in the family, and we’re here for it.

Solange Knowles

Solange certainly hasn’t been in the shadows. That said, she deserves even more hype than she already receives. Easily described as her sister Beyonce’s indie counterpoint, Solange is an artist who brings funk and soul to the occasionally soulless market of pop music. To put it frankly, her music is a vibe and she’s got a sense of style to match. We’re not surprised since it runs in the fam (matriarch Tina Knowles is known for her iconic designs). Solange has been the face for Michael Kors and Calvin Klein in addition to collaborating with her big sister on their former clothing line House of Deréon. Celestial, cutting-edge, and elegant, Solange has a look that she makes seem effortless. Consider us inspired.

Poppy Delevingne

English model and actress Poppy Delevingne, sister to Cara Delevingne, is not only a model but has a big hand in influencing the world of fashion. She’s a Chanel brand ambassador as well as a Young Ambassador for the British Fashion Council. And you won’t only catch her in print, she’s an actress too. You can watch her on the British t.v. drama Riviera starring fellow babe, Julia Stiles. Sometimes it’s hard to believe Instagram is free when people like Poppy fill our screens with endless inspiration.

Domino Kirke

You may have heard of Domino Kirke via one of her sisters. Jemima and Lola Kirke are both actresses, the first made famous by the popular coming of age TV series GIRLS. But of the Kirke sisters, Domino has carved a path of her own. Domino is a musician and has been making music from a young age, influenced by her father who is also a musician. Aside from music, Domino is a doula. After a traumatic birthing experience she had while having her son, Domino started Carriage House Birth. Carriage House Birth (@carriagehousebirth) approaches birthing with a holistic method. It’s clear by their instagram and website that they’re in the business of empowering women, and we love that.

by Candice Chantalou
cover photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty
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