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9 Female-Led Brands That Should Be On Every Non-Basic Girl’s Radar

9 Female-Led Brands That Should Be On Every Non-Basic Girl’s Radar

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve always felt that with the autumn and winter seasons comes the opportunity to really dress. I’m talking about serving complete looks. Summer can be so hot that I’m lucky if I can get any clothes on at all. As cool as major brands like I.Am.Gia and Aritzia are, there will always be a special satisfaction that comes from shopping at smaller, indie brands. And with the power of Instagram, you can find all brands from anywhere in the world, regardless of your location (but those shipping prices can pack a punch). And what could be better than supporting smaller, indie-designers? Supporting indie female designers! So here are 9 female-run brands you need to know about:


CheyenneKimora’s pieces are something of a marvel. The pieces are handmade, the denim is one-of-one, featuring intricate crystal artistry. Most notable would be the “You Are Adorned by CheyenneKimora” crystal durags, which was worn by Alicia Keys on the cover of Essence Magazine’s June cover. What’s even more notable is the significance behind the piece. Citing her blackness as its inspiration, the designer’s goal was to “honor black culture, because it’s often misrepresented, misused, or criminalized”. Cheyenne Kimora is a brand like no other. Catch me in their blinged-out durags on my wedding day.

Constructed For Women

Like their Insta bio reads, Constructed for Women or CFW, is “handmade pieces for the non-conformist”. With an eclectic variety of pieces, the founder, @Joanna_Diimes, delivers every drop.

Hyein Seo

I’ve always thought of Hyein Seo as what bad bitches would wear after an apocalypse. The Korean-Designer is a well-known favorite of the streetwear scene. Fresh, original, and Y2k-inspired, Hyein Seo is a brand of the times.


Mowalola is a rising star in women’s contemporary fashion. Her work is a colorful, retro-futuristic, Nigerian-influenced cocktail, both trippy and beautiful. It’s that flavor and authenticity that has gained the brand some pretty major fans like Paloma Elsesser, Rico Nasty, and Naomi Campbell.


Wish The Matrix was sexier? This is the brand for you! Futuristic, comfy and flattering as hell, Prix will have you looking tight and right!


I feel as though the only word to describe Slashed by Tia is ethereal. Ruffles, lace, and sheer fabrics are staples of the brand, as it mixes European renaissance with the modern world of fashion. Whether you’ve got a Coachella performance or your cousin’s wedding, Slashed by Tia has got you covered.

Matte Brand

Matte Brand is where femininity meets comfort. From must-have basics to the perfect “look at me” birthday ‘fit (pictured above), Matte Brand has something for everyone.

Danielle Guizio

Danielle Guizio is one of the choice brands for so many models, singers, and other celebs. Why? Because it embodies everything one would want from their outfit. From flattering loungewear to day-to-night dresses and sets, this sh*t is CHIC!

Kim Shui

Kim Shui is a US-Born, Italy-raised Chinese designer. Her Chinese heritage is deliberately and beautifully celebrated in her designs. “I’ll always label a dress like ‘Qipao dress’ or ‘Cheongsam dress,’” she’s said, as she’s seen brands like Reformation label that style “mock-neck”. She’s also said that while her designs are made for everyone, “full-figured” women are her muse, a rarity she knows is uncommon in fashion. Kim Shui is one of the many designers whose success has come with a pretty huge caveat. It wasn’t long after a photo of Kylie Jenner and Stormi was posted to the ‘gram that Fashion Nova posted their own cheap copy to their site. An unfortunate and reoccurring issue in fashion that is hard to combat.

By: Vanessa Fajemisin
Cover photo courtesy of Danielle Guizio
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