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9 Instagram Accounts with Aesthetically Pleasing Feeds to Die For

9 Instagram Accounts with Aesthetically Pleasing Feeds to Die For

Instagram is filled to the brim with feeds to die for, whether it’s an account showcasing art, fashion, makeup or just pretty pictures in general – IG accounts with feeds curated to a tee are everywhere!


I like to think of media sharing platforms like Instagram as the world’s collective mood board. Just imagine a decade ago when you had to cut out pictures from your favourite magazines if you wanted to gather a collection of your favourite pictures. 21st century – bless tf up!


Not to be sassy or anything, but when it comes to sweet aesthetics and inspirational content, we obviously know what we’re talking about at NBGA. I mean, have you checked out our Instagram account yet?

So I guess it comes as no surprise that we’re also very familiar with some of the best accounts for inspirational hoarding out there! 

Although you’re probably already following a long list of gems, we’re here to refresh and add to that list. If you’re looking for fresh and aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts to follow, we have listed some of our inspo staples below! Happy following!


This Instagram account has a killer feed consisting of the most aesthetic throwback pics combined with occasional contemporary masterpieces.

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Curated by Samantha Diorio, Haute Basics gathers the most inspirational fashion details and runway shots. Would literally wear anything from this feed.


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Mignonette Takes Pictures shares shots taken through such a visually observant lens. Can she please take over and art direct my entire life?

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C__l__o is run by the London-based art director Lauren Faye and we’re very thankful for it. Click your way over to this account for all things inspirational!


The French fashion multitasker Emma Rowen Rose posts a combination of beautiful shots from places she visits and the freshest outfits.

très chic @consttantmade #consttantmade

A post shared by Emma Rowen Rose (@emmarowenrose) on


This lovely account shares beautiful, artistic pictures that are bound to inspire.


A post shared by No Fur (@ppennylane) on


V93oo is such an amazing account for makeup inspiration. Each picture on the feed shows how a little eyeliner and lipstick can result in an artistic masterpiece.

A post shared by Rain, glitter (@v93oo) on


If you’re as down with early 2000’s aesthetic as us, you’re gonna want to follow She’s Vague. I just realised Solange follows this account too which I guess says it all.


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That’s right this is a shameless plug of our own Instagram account where we post fashion, music, art and beauty related content that inspires us.

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Last but not least I suggest you follow the closed accounts Ode An die Freude and Style Me Fresh for more fashionable and artistic content.

by Michelle Hallstrom

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