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Rico Nasty and Kali Uchis are taking charge in ‘Aquí Yo Mando’

The video depicts the artists as high-fashion femme-fatale rockstars

Little Dragon teams up with Kali Uchis to wipe our tears in “Are you feeling sad?”

Little Dragon has given us a two minute break of happiness

Kali Uchis, Fashion Killa

This focus on high-concept aesthetics extends to Kali’s own style. Looking through her looks -in music videos, live performances and on her Instagram– is akin to watching an actor’s show-reel: each outfit appears to belong to a new character in her roster of alter-egos.

A Conversation with Kali Uchis About Solitude, Energies and the Music Industry

‘If you always listen to what everyone around you has to say you lose a lot of your power and your intuition and ability to actually be in tune with your higher path, ’cause other people are not going to be connected to that because it’s for you only…’

Kali Uchis | Singer-songwriter

After the initial listen I replayed it (and rewatched the music video) about a dozen time in a row.

Eerie Settings & Bizarre Characters by Nadia Lee Cohen

It’s clear that the Nadia Lee Cohen aesthetic can be found just about everywhere – and she has only just begun.

Bea Sweet creates looks for the bold, strange, and risqué

This eccentric makeup artist is FKA-Twig approved

A Conversation with Teni Adeola | A Fashion Designer to Keep on Your Watch List

‘Growing up in Nigeria, I always had access to my mum’s traditional fabrics, I made clothes for my dolls…

The Global Girls Playlist

Music has always been a universal language – with this in mind, we at NBGA have scoured the globe for the quintessential offerings in contemporary artists who are challenging the Anglophone boundaries of the popular music sphere

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