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A Sneak Peek into the Sex and the City Reboot’s Latest Fashion

A Sneak Peek into the Sex and the City Reboot’s Latest Fashion

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And just like thatour favorite NYC ladies are back — minus our iconic Samantha Jones. Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda have returned for HBO’s Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, titled after one of Carrie’s many favorite phrases used in her sex column. 

So what have the original ladies-who-lunch been up to? Rumors and leaked scripts have swirled (possible spoiler alert: one hinting at Carrie’s divorce from Big?) The release date for the reboot is currently still set for 2021 – and while we may have to wait further into the year to see storylines unfold, NYC has already seen plenty of the much-anticipated fashion for the upcoming season – and we’ve got a few deets to unpack for you!

Sex and the City’s much lauded original costume designer, Patricia Field, will unfortunately not be joining the reboot’s fashion department due to her commitment to Emily in Paris. So who’s taking the reins for the fits? It looks like a team of stylists will be sharing in the task of dressing our trio. Paparazzi snaps have caught the ladies in Givenchy, Fendi, YSL, Carolina Herrera, Celine, Vince, plenty of vintage finds — and yes, Manolo Blahnik. Carrie is also recycling a few of her staples from Sex and the City, including easter eggs like an oversized blue rose flower pin, a studded belt – and certainly many throwbacks from Carrie’s renowned $40k collection of shoes.

But do Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda’s fashion choices seem on par with what we’d all picture them wearing now? Yes and no. It seems even 16 years later, Carrie is still opting for ultra colorful garments, extra high heels, and even Season 2’s signature flat ironed hair. However, in some outfits, Carrie is more muted than we may have ever witnessed before. We’re talking a snapped ensemble that finds her in a baby pink trench, white dress, mule heels, and carrying a WNYC public radio tote. Certainly a different vibe than her Fendi baguettes. Charlotte remains in high brands thus far, with patterned skirts and puff sleeves – mirroring quite a few of her Sex and the City silhouettes. Miranda in turn showcases refined looks, mixed in with those plaid and patterned dresses she seems to love. (Anyone else hoping for a bucket hat + rain jacket revival on her?) The stylists will absolutely have to account for each woman’s age and evolving senses of style as the fashion world continues to grow. I’m calling it, Carrie will have a Telfar bag. 

It remains to be seen if the fashion of And Just Like That fully suits the ladies once the reboot hits our screens, and if the series’ new designers do the character personalities justice. But for now, the anticipation and sneak peeks alone are exciting enough for any fashion lover who anticipates a fresh batch of looks from fashion’s favorite show.

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