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Accessing Your Internal Powerhouse: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Accessing Your Internal Powerhouse: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Step outside this Summer with your head up like a sunflower. Stretch out your arms and soak in the sun rays, as they fuel and nourish your solar plexus chakra. It sits two inches above your naval – a bright yellow colour – ruled by the element of fire – strengthened by your passion and sense of personal power. Power over your thoughts, actions and emotions – as opposed to the power over others. The solar plexus chakra governs your willpower, it’s where you go to muster up the courage and resolve to say ‘No.’

INITIATION: Anointed for the Journey by Ana Montiel

What does a strong solar plexus chakra look like?

Full of vitality, this is someone who wakes up in the morning feeling passionate about fulfilling their purpose. They have the ability to move forward in life with confidence, to make conscious choices, without stagnation or doubt. They draw on the energy of the third chakra to be proactive. They take mistakes in their stride because they know they are human and learning. They walk into all situations with confidence, knowing that they can meet challenges, trusting that whatever they do not know is something that they can learn. This is a person who can say ‘no’ – without needing to add on a reason or explanation. Their ‘no’ speaks for itself. Someone who does not seek power and control over others, but revels in self-mastery, including the most challenging endeavor – truly loving and accepting oneself.

A strong solar plexus looks like someone who knows themselves, is firm in their identity and intention and is comfortable embracing all of their own characteristics and individuality. This person has the willpower and discipline to stay dedicated to making choices that have a positive impact on their life. With nothing to prove, this is somebody who does not need to boast about their accomplishments, lets their results speak for themselves. 

This is someone with the confidence and conviction to create the life they want, is responsible for their own selves and trusts their own abilities. Someone who realises they have the power of choice – choosing your own life and mindset. They have the ability to speak up and stand their ground respectfully and to place healthy boundaries. 

Feeling energized, empowered and in alignment with life, this is someone who lets the solar plexus energy move them into carrying out their goals with enthusiasm.

What does a blocked solar plexus charka look like?

Lethargic inaction, fiery reaction, overreactions, and the stagnation of staying in addictive patterns and cycles. The solar plexus chakra is blocked by shame, and so this is someone who forgets that they are a person worthy of everything good and everything loving. Someone who does not realize that they can trust themselves and instead asks everyone for advice for anything, as big as significant life changes like leaving a job, to small everyday matters like what new hairstyle they should choose. Someone who does not offer themselves grace, but judges themselves and is overly critical. 

If the solar plexus chakra has too much energy and the imbalance is overactive, then this is someone who is quick to anger, has a lack of self-control, while simultaneously being controlling of others. They have an overly domineering personality and manipulate others to get what they want. Agitated, stubborn, or always striving for perfection, thus leading this person into inaction and self-doubt. 

However, if the solar plexus chakra is not receiving enough energy and the imbalance is underactive, then this person can manifest as a people pleaser, with low self-esteem, who is sluggish and fatigued. With low willpower and self-discipline, this person often procrastinates, due to their fear of taking action.

Regardless of how the blockage manifests, imbalances to a solar plexus chakra leave a person feeling drained and depleted of their vitality which leads to fearfulness and insecurity. If we do not like or love ourselves, we are unable to make healthy decisions or find the willpower to move forward fearlessly. This also makes such a person vulnerable to control and manipulation by others, attracting relationships and environments that reinforce or reflect this lack within them. 

What does healing and balancing your solar plexus chakra look like?

Someone who makes the brave change of no longer seeing themselves as a victim, but recognises that they have many choices – even if those choices may feel difficult to make. Blaming others and adopting a victim mentality takes a lot of energy in maintaining that story every day, so this is a person who starts saying no to help ease out of that mindset and narrative . This is a person who makes changes by letting go of unhealthy attachments – to ideals, beliefs, memories, expectations, substances, even objects. Someone who reclaims their power by cutting ties and making the powerful choice in deciding who stays in their life and how much they associate or distance themselves from certain people. 

Balancing the solar plexus looks like a person who prioritizes self-care every day. Someone who understands that taking care of yourself is the highest form of self-love and respect for self, even if at first it feels foreign, indulgent and selfish. This is someone who embraces the silly feeling that comes with saying positive affirmations in the mirror, and instead of letting embarrassment seize them, they laugh at themselves and find joy in the moment. This is someone who accepts that self-care and self-love look different for everyone. They are committed to finding the sweet spot that works for them, whether it’s by screeching song lyrics, screaming into a pillow every so often, staying focused on the intricacy of knitting, or even watching ASMR videos on YouTube, simply because it makes them happy and feel good. This is someone who declutters and organizes their space, as that feeds the solar plexus chakra. This is someone who soaks up the sun whenever they can, setting a strong intention in asking the sun to strengthen and nourish the solar plexus chakra. 

Harmonizing and healing the solar plexus chakra includes exploring sources of resistance. Someone who musters up the courage to ask: what am I scared of? What am I fighting against? What situations keep repeating in my life? They ask the questions that help them uncover the cause of energy loss. They release all the anger they have stored inside of them, as they recognize that blocked power is often expressed as blocked anger and so they release the anger in order to access that energy. They box, run, cry, create art, write, scream into the wind – they do whatever they need to do in order to let it go. A person striving for balance learns how to breathe, remembering that they have choices – they are allowed to step back and give themselves space. This person balances their solar plexus chakra by finding humor – there is power in being able to laugh at yourself as it feeds into your strength by serving as a reminder that our life is always in stages of transition. By finding humor, you find freedom. 

Unblocking and balancing your solar plexus looks like someone engaging their willpower by setting goals, even simple ones like reading a book or getting more sleep. A clear goal means you are able to exercise your solar plexus with more ease. This is someone who starts taking risks, even if it’s something small to step outside of their routine like going to a different shopping centre or a new exercise class. Newness in our lives births vitality. 

Whatever we are not ready to face, be it fears, secrets or internal conflicts, this churns in the stomach and manifests as anxious feelings. We need to face these issues head on in order to digest the information, release it and move forward. Thus, the most important element of someone who is in the process of healing and balancing the solar plexus chakra must be someone who is gentle with themselves. They understand that in order to find the courage to face difficulties, they need to create a safe and loving space within themselves first to do that. 

It takes patience and a consistent love to bring balance to the solar plexus chakra. As with all beautiful things, a strong chakra cannot be achieved overnight, but over time.

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