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AD// Our Underwear Motto | How to be Comfortable and Still Look Fly

AD// Our Underwear Motto | How to be Comfortable and Still Look Fly

*in collaboration with S by sloggi*

I don’t know about you but I’m still trying to catch my breath after multiple shows of jaw-dropping collections at this year’s s/s fashion week shows. As with all forms of art, fashion can be such a fun and useful tool for self expression and realisation. Each fashion week season reflects the times we live in, bringing together aesthetics, politics and entertainment into one huge sartorial extravaganza.


This year’s spring collections featured classically tailored feminine silhouettes, gowns that had me shook, futuristic lineups and the occasional 80’s and 90’s throwback. I’m currently out here thrifting matrix-inspired leather coats and cutting up old Nike socks trying to recreate s/s ‘19 runway looks.


As the fashion aficionado that I am, I’m well-versed in the world of uncomfortable outfit ensembles. Sometimes a little discomfort is simply an inevitable part of the fashionista game. You might find me stomping around in painful heels, tight jeans, and an itchy knit all night – anything for the *lewk* am I right? But my bra though? You best believe it’s soft and supple. Because if there’s one thing I believe we should all implement in our lives, call it a manifesto if you will, it’s that comfortable underwear is uncompromisable.

Wearing comfortable underwear that caresses your curves rather than cuts through your skin leaving uncomfortable creases and marks is a fashionista essential. This is why I’m so excited to share our collaboration with S by sloggi, a brand that truly embodies my lingerie philosophy.


If you’re anything like me when it comes to your undergarments, and tbh you should be (don’t live your life with a sharp underwire digging into your skin, ladies!) S by sloggi will be your new underwear drawer staple. This premium lingerie brand featuring sophisticated styles is so incredibly comfortable. The design is timeless and subtle and the material is soft and silky smooth.

S by sloggi comes in two different styles: the minimalistic and stylish Serenity collection with effective and lightly cushioned breast support. And the seamless lace collection titled Silhouette, proving that comfort does not need to be compromised when it comes to style.


As if that weren’t enough, why not use comfortable underwear as a complimentary accessory, or even an essential part of your outfit? Because honestly the S by sloggi Serenity bra shirt is the ultimate spaghetti strap top, complete with a deep plunge neckline and softly padded cups. And their body with wireless cups and v-neckline makes for the perfect, basic wardrobe staple. I even suggest using their bras as a low key sexy and sleek accessory under a slightly see-through top or deep cut blazer.

If you’re looking to treat yourself with some insanely comfortable or beautiful underwear, I’m simply here to tell you: why not choose both? Fashion does not have to equal bra underwire poking at your ribs or underwear seams digging into your skin. Fashion should equal a fun exploration of self, art, creativity, expression and personal taste. Don’t let underwear discomfort distract you from that.

Get your S by sloggi underwear here.

photos courtesy of S by sloggi
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