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NBG of the week : Adriana Sahar | Designer

NBG of the week : Adriana Sahar | Designer

NBGA is excited to be kicking of the new series ‚No Basic Girl of the Week‘
Every week we will be featuring a cool girl inspiring us through her creative and innovative work. Creativity comes in all forms, so expect a variety of Boss Ass Ladies!


Kicking off the segment is Los Angeles based designer and all around babe, Adriana Sahar. Adriana Sahar is the Los Angeles based designer who recently debuted her prismatic Holiday Collection at this year’s New York Fashion Week.
And trust us, her cozy and vivid designs are bound to keep your winter blues at bay.
Adriana fills NBGA on using doubt as the ultimate fuel for success, not giving a damn about what other people think and of course, Drake.

Read below for the pep talk you didn’t know you needed.

You lived in New York for a bit before returning to Los Angeles to build your brand.
How did it feel to be back in the city but this time to present your Holiday Collection?

It was really exciting because I lived in New York two years ago, I was there for like four months but it didn’t work out.
Then I went back last year for Fashion Week and went to a few parties just to connect. It was just crazy because then a year later – I have a show.
It was exhilarating because you dream of something like that and then it happens. It was f*cking awesome.


What were some of the biggest roadblocks you faced when starting your brand after you moved back to Los Angeles?

My entire life growing up, I was not looked down upon – I was always a popular kid, but people always doubted me.
That was a huge thing, because I feel like when people doubt you – you can either go downhill or you can use it to fuel you, to be like, “I can do this”.

I just took it as fuel because I went through hard times growing up. And then when I was in New York I had a boyfriend there who broke my heart.
I moved back because we weren’t going to see each other anymore, he was like planning on getting back with another girl and that made me like, I don’t even want to say it but when people break your heart you’re just like
“Oh my god, I’m just gonna f*ck it up”. And I fucked it up. [laughs].


Show them the glow up.

Exactly [laughs]. But now it’s to the point where I don’t even need the hate to be better. I’m just like I can do anything I want to do – anything is possible.
So many people would just laugh at the fact that I would tell them,
“Oh yeah, I do fashion and I’m going to be a fashion designer”.
And everyone would be like,
“That’s what everyone does these days”.
And it makes you not want to do that because everyone else is doing it.
So, the fact that I did breakthrough, which I definitely feel like I did, it’s a super accomplishing feeling for me.

Your Holiday Collection is full of gems! Two personal favorites being the Reign Bomber Jacket and Cleo Strap Dress.
How do you start the creative process when putting together a brand new project?

I get inspired by my fabrics. I never really know what I am going to make, sometimes I won’t even draw it out. I’ll just see the fabric like,
“Oh my god I love that” and I take it home with me and I make whatever comes to my mind. Usually it will come out amazing and usually I’ll just love it. Sometimes when I do that it doesn’t come out the way I want it to, but most of the time it does. Like for the Holiday Collection everything came out perfectly, obviously there was trial and error, but like everything down to the zipper on the jackets – they have rhinestones on them and everything is just very detailed.


“You Don’t Worry Bout Fitting In When You Custom Made” is the first thing we see on your website. Can you tell me a little bit more of what inspired that and what your biggest goal for your clothes is?

That Drake line – Drake is like my favorite rapper and hopefully my future husband [laughs]. I was super inspired by that line because as I said, growing up it was hard. I was not the skinny girl, I was not the prettiest girl, I had a lot of friends but I was a loud person and like I laugh really loud and and I’m chubby and I’m thick. And I’m just a different person but once I started to make clothes and started dressing the way I do, my dad didn’t really like it, but I was just like, “F*ck what everyone thinks”. I’m different and I’m just going to own it. So when I heard that line I was just like, “seriously don’t worry about fitting in when your custom made”, like down to the threads – my personality is custom made but so are my clothes so that means I really don’t have to fit in at all.

We base our entire lives off of trying to like be the norm or trying to fit in with other people like, “Oh, what is this person going to think about me if I act this way”, and it’s like who the f*ck cares. This is your life and you should live it how you want, dress how you want. No one should be allowed to tell you who to be or how to dress. If they have good advice for you then cool but be you. That’s my motto: be who you are. Don’t change for people.


What are the most important things for a young business woman in the fashion industry to have especially when you have people doubting you.

The most important – number one, is to believe in yourself to the fullest. When you wake up in the morning you have to believe in yourself. Number two is your support team. You have to have people who support you and who believe in you as well. And number three – always pray. There’s always a higher power out there, there’s always an energy that’s going to lead you onto your path.


What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?

I have a lot of things coming this month but I’m really looking forward to just growing more and traveling. I want to travel and do work in Paris and eventually have a place in New York to work from and just continue to build my brand. I want to do custom work for Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, those are two of my favorite artists. As well as Mariah Carey – if she were to do a comeback or something. I would also want to collaborate with other brands, like Lisa Frank if she were to come back from the dead. A lot of dreams and a lot of goals that I have.


If you could say anything to teenage Adriana, what would it be?

Two things: Don’t take pot to school [laughs]. And don’t give up – don’t let people break you. Don’t let people put a stamp on you and say that’s all you’re going to be, because you have the power to be anything you want.

If you’re looking to taking a trip down a Lisa Frank themed Candyland check out Adriana’s Holiday Collection.

by Carolina Ramos
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