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Adwoa Aboah and Juergen Teller Shoot Burberry Campaign in Ghana

Adwoa Aboah and Juergen Teller Shoot Burberry Campaign in Ghana

Supermodel Adwoa Aboah and world-renowned photographer Juergen Teller recently teamed up to create a new photo series for Burberry. The collaboration was commissioned by Christopher Bailey, who’s 17-year-long tenure as Burberry’s chief creative and president, ends this year.

The pictures feature Adwoa Aboah’s friends and family wearing Burberry’s latest collection. Adwoa and Juergen worked together on the casting, location and overall aesthetic for this shoot. “My role as both model and artistic director is one I have really enjoyed and embraced. Christopher Bailey is an incredible visionary and it has been an amazing experience to work together with him and Juergen to create this series of stories,” Adwoa shares in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK.

Giving models art directive authority in the campaigns they are featured in always adds a layer of authenticity. The different locations scouted for this Burberry shoot offers an insight into Adwoa’s everyday life and personal story. The first set of pictures are set in North London where Adwoa was born, and the second set of pictures take place in New York where she currently resides. For the third installation of the campaign, Adwoa is photographed in Accra, Ghana for the first time, a location scouted as a way to pay homage to her West African heritage. “To be in Ghana means coming home. I’ve been able to bring close friends of mine here, and my grandma and my family have had a taste of what the other part of my life is like,” she shares. View a short clip from the campaign below!

by Michelle Hallstrom
Pictures by Juergen Teller via Burberry
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