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All Bossy Girls Allowed: A Playlist Curated by Bossy LDN

All Bossy Girls Allowed: A Playlist Curated by Bossy LDN


Staying bossed up at all times can be tricky, but not to worry, as the creative duo that is Izzy and Dhamirah aka @bossyldn, have cooked up a playlist to definitely remedy that. If you have important money making moves, a meeting, or need some monster energy to finish off a project, then you’re going to want to take a listen.


The playlist is aptly titled All Bossy Girls Allowed, where you’re invited to hear tracks from ‘Boss Babes’ such as Tierra Wack, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat. Also featured is the current country trap hit Old Town remix by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. How can you not want to stunt super hard after hearing these lyrics, “Baby’s got a habit: diamond rings and Fendi sports bras; Ridin’ down Rodeo in my Maserati sports car” ?

If the playlist leaves you wanting for more @bossyldn action, then make sure to check out their monthly show on NTS where Izzy and Dhamirah spin the sickest tunes and chat to special guests. Juice up your feed by giving them a follow on IG so you can see what magic they get up to.

By Tomi Otekunrin
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