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Are you Down For It? – An Exclusive Conversation with Idman – Unveiling her Soulful R’n’B and Hip-Hop Debut

Are you Down For It? – An Exclusive Conversation with Idman – Unveiling her Soulful R’n’B and Hip-Hop Debut

Based in Canada, with her staple blonde curls and glossy lips, Idman is a new-school Singer-Songwriter who is bringing shades of lightness into her soulful hip-hop flow. Her latest song, Down For It shows the varied tones and styles that surround her artistry – and approach to writing music. In an exclusive interview with Idman, she shares more about her musicality and how she began to create her songs, whilst giving us an insight as to what we can expect to hear from her next.

Can you tell me what inspired your recent song Down For It?

Idman: Down For it was inspired by a conversation that I had with a really good friend of mine named Subodh. I was processing my relationship mentally, with like internal and external doubt. I initially came to LA to be a songwriter and write songs for other people, and I had this really cool opportunity in front of me to work on a project. Down for It is just about me speaking out loud, asking why we should or shouldn’t do this thing? And ultimately, making the commitment to see it through?

What was it like to produce and publish it in the midst of a pandemic?

Golly, I will say that most of the songs on the project we’ve been sitting on for over a year, so Down Four had been done before the pandemic even hit. And at the start of the pandemic, I feel like (globally, for all of us ) our priorities had to shift, you know what I mean? Like we all went back to the basics around what we needed. Uprising was happening. And so I think like, yeah, more pertinent things were happening. So we all willingly took that pause, head-on. Obviously, we’re still in the pandemic, so seeing how the situation has progressed, has allowed folks to really get creative with how they want to share their art… And I think for us, we were like, let’s kind of take a leap of faith and see what we can do on our own. So it was entirely self-released. Our team is like the little train that thought they could – shout-out to Warren, Raquel, Sammy, Iris, Dada – they did the thing in the middle of a lot. So yeah, it was hard, daunting, but so far, the most affirming and overwhelmingly positive thing I’ve ever done.

I saw one of your videos that you did for Apple, where you spoke about a mug shot image of yourself. Can you tell me about the event that took place and what the story behind this was?

Yeah, I had participated, (allegedly) haha, in a direct action that we did in solidarity with actions happening across the country to protest the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

How did you first start creating music?

I formally got my first introduction to like actually creating music, knowing that I’m going to the studio and stuff and practicing through an Arts Incubator called Remix At Toronto’s. That’s the first time I’d ever held the mic or sang in front of people or anything and so I would say that was definitely the bridge for sure.

I like to throw this in for fun. What is your star sign? And do you feel any affiliations for it?

Yeah, don’t get me started. I love Star signs. I love learning about astrology. And like astrologists, I’m like obsessed with Eye Jade on Twitter. My sign is Taurus and I definitely feel like a Taurus. I’m very chill. Very calm. I really do love food. I feel very grounded. I don’t ever really yell or get super upset. I don’t think my voice can get louder than a certain volume level, but definitely feel very Taurian for sure. I love Venus. And I love all things Venusian and I love music and things that entice the senses for sure. So yes, I do.

Can you tell us what your creative process is like?

Yeah, I would say it’s always different. Sometimes it starts with a beat. Sometimes it starts with like a couple of lines that I might save in my voice notes. Honestly, it truly depends. Every time I write, I do write about things that I’ve gone through or felt.

As a rising musician, what do you feel like is missing from the industry at the moment?

I think the industry is missing intention, for sure. I think like when Beyonce said “all the shit I hear is boring” – I can relate to this. Sometimes I feel like there’s really exciting art being made by really exciting people. And sometimes folks don’t ever get to see it. And so, I wish, there are a lot of folks that I’m like, yo, that music should be amplified, that music should be heard by more people. So I think I obviously want more equity in music, for sure. I don’t really care for representation, but for the means of being seen. I really feel like I’m excited to see the right kind of folks, you know, fuck shit up and tear shit down.

What inspires you the most as a creative?

I’m really inspired by truth. I think that it’s really cool that through a variety of mediums we’ve gotten to see folks really express their truths. And I really think that this is like a means of documentation of archiving. And I really am excited to know that I get to make music at a time where the world is changing so fast, you know. So yeah, I’m inspired by the opportunity to be here and to free. To mean something.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

I would say empathetic, anxious, alive.

And lastly, can you give me an insight into any future projects that you’re working on? What we can look forward to?

Yeah, I’m coming out of the project this year that I’m so freakin excited about. And I’m excited for folks to kind of get the 4D experience, for us to also start rolling out this visual content that we’ve stacked for everyone. And I’m excited to kind of build this universe and allow folks into the golly gang, brain, you know, and kind of get to see how we move what we’ve been working on. I’m excited about that relationship. It’s already started, but I’m excited for it to continue for sure!

To keep up to date with Idman and her artistry as she continues to blossom into 2021, follow her on instagram to stay tuned @idman.a!

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