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Asata Maisé is a one-of-a-kind, one woman show

Asata Maisé is a one-of-a-kind, one woman show

Asata Maisé is the young Delaware-based designer making huge strides in the sustainable fashion world. Asata has built a one-woman run business at only twenty-seven years old. She sources, designs, and models all of her pieces—each one custom, unique, totally one-of-a-kind. Her patchwork shoulder bags, matching dress/bucket hat combos are taking Instagram by storm, selling out instantly. She’s worked alongside Project Runway winner Michael Costello and for Belgian fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg of DVF in New York City, adding a splash of prestige-sourced allure to her already solid and innovative designing skills.

Maisé began constructing clothing at the age of fifteen with a sewing machine her grandmother purchased for her and eventually studied fashion design at Albright College in Pennsylvania. Even prior to this, though, Maisé found her love for fashion in none other than her youthful obsession with Pharrell Williams.

I loved that he wasn’t afraid to be different. That whole BBC/Ice Cream era definitely inspired my personal style in my teenage years.

Maisé later left college to pursue her craving for real-world technical design experience that college doesn’t always offer. She had been selling clothing and eventually began selling on Depop, the popular online resell interface, before the pandemic hit. “Thrifting and second-hand shopping was my introduction to sustainability. When I lived in LA, I was surrounded by people who appreciated things that were already available and better alternatives for the environment. I now do my best to make as many sustainable lifestyle choices as possible.”

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As for the Asata Maisé girl, that would be: “anyone who appreciates my aesthetic, references, textiles, and color choices.” In other words, Maisé’s clothing is for anybody with good taste. But her dream celebrity to dress would be Rihanna. “I’ve always wanted to make something for her.” Maisé’s inspirations come from everywhere. Tumblr blogs, nature, music, food. Travel. Loved ones. The first time Maisé ever made a piece, “I was exceptionally proud! And then defeated, when my teacher took points off of my final grade for using contrasting thread.”

However, the future of Asata Maisé is looking bright. Maisé was recently the recipient of the highly-coveted grant from the Black Creatives Fund initiative launched by Halsey. “I’m finally getting the recognition and resources I deserve.” The rising, necessary prevalence of the Black Lives Matter political movement is inspiring new and long-awaited dialogues within the world of fashion and design. Consumers are looking more and more to put their money where their mouth is and truly walk their talk by supporting black-owned businesses around the globe in a variety of different realms. To other black creatives, Maisé’s advice would be: “…to take advantage of all the resources you can get your hands on. Know your worth and rest when you need to.
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