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Here are 3 real ways that rejection can actually bless you

Rejection, when it happens, feels like all your coins just missed the magic fountain

Mimi Wade’s FW2020 collection is total nostalgic eye candy

Takes us right back to the playful, laissez-faire red carpets of the early 2000s

Russian model Lera Ábova shows us her UNFAMOUS wild side

BYUS gives us “UNFAMOUS” with the goal of showcasing intriguing and lesser-known talents

Foxiest looks from Kim Shui’s 2020 winter collection

Seamless, comprehensive looks that retain their wearability even while being so totally eccentric

Alex Mali: The last time you’ll need an introduction

Her EP—Sweet & Sour—is a mesmerizing body of work from the first song to the last.

Your official non-fiction reading list for 2020

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, I wanted to compile a list of books that I think are helpful for anyone

Making magic: An intro to manifestation

I’ve heard about it. Of course, I have. I’ve read Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Murphy, Joe Dispenza.

New Year, New You: The Anatomy Of A Glow-Up

Tonight, I’m thinking that it’s a good time to look ahead and set intentions for the incoming year. This thought leads me to research the origin of one of the most popular phrases when it comes to new years, birthdays, and pre-pubescent versus adolescent social media picture wars: “Glow-Up.”

Love-Bombing And How To Spot It: The Darker Side Of Love At First Sight

Love bombing—what is it? The phrase itself is so magically contradicting. It evokes the mental image of cherubs, champagne fizz, angel wings, and candy hearts, but also of dynamite, explosions, and danger.

A Pass On Cuffing Season: Learning To Love Solitude This Winter

We’re now in the depths of ‘cuffing season.’ This, as you probably know, is term used to describe the almost cultural practice of obtaining a part-time boo to cuddle away the winter with.