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Style Profile: Zoë Kravitz, our resident cool girl

Here’s how she masters including urbane, edgy pieces into her stunning high fashion closet

Exploring the lasting love affair between anime and high fashion

Only time will tell if Akira’s vision will become true, and if we’ll all be wearing the same red hued motorcycle leather à la Kanye West

Instagram accounts for your inner nymphomaniac

Hot Girl Summer doesn’t exclude hot girl sexual wellness. Time to ignite your senses in the healthiest of ways

Do We Still #Love Her? The Hyper-Conscious Errors of Gossip Girl 2.0

With the original Gossip Girl having dazzled in flair and scandal, it appears the reboot falls short in adjusting its premise to fit Gen Z’s moral code … xoxo

From E-Girl To Intergalactic Goddess -The Style Evolution Of Doja Cat

Not every viral star could build a repertoire quite like Doja. Read on as we explore her unique world and stylings; a recipe for the eccentric!