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Our fave A-list Black films and their soundtracks: A retrospective

Celebrating black artistry and the marriage of visuals and sound

Skin-Care Queen Abena Discusses All Things Ethical Lifestyle and her Brand Hanahana Beauty.

An exclusive interview with Abena about her approach to entrepreneurship – and her beauty brand fused by sustainability.

A Retrospect on the History of Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

It’s Black Music Month, so what better time to reflect on the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll – and its pioneer, Mr Chuck Berry?

Are you Down For It? – An Exclusive Conversation with Idman – Unveiling her Soulful R’n’B and Hip-Hop Debut

The rising Canadian-based musician Idman connects with us to share the influences behind her latest single.

Yasmine Nasser Diaz’s Bedroom Focused Exhibition: ‘For Your Eyes Only’

Yasmine Nasser Diaz’s recent installation encourages us to take a closer look at the grey area between blending public and private spaces, particularly our bedrooms

In Conversation with RIMON

Talking inspiration and evolution with soulful and mesmerising musician RIMON

Motion Editorials: When Fashion Meets Film

Are fashion shows as we know them dead? We explore how brands are communicating their latest collections.

Reviewing Amazon Prime’s ‘Soulmates’ – would you take the test?

The year is 2036 and there is a new technological software which can pair you with your true soul mate. What would you do? Would you take the test?

In Conversation with Priya Ragu

Merging cultural empowerment with contemporary R&B, NBGA sits down with Tamil-Swiss musician Priya Raggu

Willow Smith inspires us to ‘Rise’ as we review her collaborative project with Johvani Harrison

Exploring Willow and Jahavi’s spiritually attuned album, influenced by mantra and Kirtan meditation music called ‘Rise’