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Nappy Head Club pushes to be a catalyst for self-healing

For anyone who has ever been told they weren’t good enough, we see you

Pat McGrath’s next step to Sublime Perfection is concealer

You’ll end up with sensuously smooth skin, natural contours, and elasticity

Kim Shui needs us to get with the winning team

“I want to offer girls what they want to wear,” she expresses

Huda Beauty’s new skincare line is cruelty and photoshop-free

“The goal for WISHFUL isn’t to flood your bathroom with hundreds of new products…”

Barbie's 60th Anniversary Edition by Mowalola
Barbie just became less problematic, more representative

Barbie manufacturers announced another launch of a diverse update

Sinead O’Dwyer designs to unite all kinds of femininity

Her collection and show were curated to represent communities who frequently feel othered

Raisa Flowers is the MUA headlining body positivity

The non-basic girls leading progressive conversations that redefine what it means to be a true source of influence today

Glossier just became London’s newest resident

After sending London-based consumers into a frenzy with their pop-up in London’s beauty capital

Naomi Campbell is the first face of Pat McGrath Labs

This is truly what dreams are made of, ladies