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Rihanna Shines At The 2019 British Fashion Awards As She Accepts Her Award

Our Bajan Queen has won her first award for her LMVH luxury fashion house, Fenty.

Suck At Dating? Here’s An Intro To The Game of Desire: Shannon Boodram’s Cheat Sheet To Love

The Game of Desire is a road map to figuring out how we can successfully make connections with one another. If you’re smart (like me), you’ll stop relying on cinematic standards of love to dump someone in your lap and take control of your dating life

Makeup Artist And Trendsetter Doniella Davy Talks About Film, Gen Z Beauty And Over-Plucked Brows

It’s no secret that makeup artist Doniella Davy has managed to craft an editorial revolution with her dreamy watercolor-like eyes and bold rhinestone glimmers on the set of HBO’s Euphoria. Read for the makeup maestro’s favorite things about the industry, how she got her start, and how she finds inspiration within herself and the characters she works on.

Editorial Hair Looks That You Can Definitely Do At Home

Regardless of your editorial (or non-editorial) goals for the day, here are some very doable editorial-esque hair looks that can be achieved at home without four hours worth of effort.

Self-Confidence and Instagram: Our Writers Share Their Struggles with Social Media

It’s easy to feel alone in your struggles with Instagram, Twitter, and other social media these days. We want you to know that you’re not alone in feeling insecure. We may be nonbasic girls focused on authenticity, self-confidence, and badass makeup, but we feel self-conscious about Instagram too.

Tess Henley Talks On Getting Better, Music Competitions and Cartoon Crushes

Our conversation began light-hearted and easy, full of laughs and thoughtful pauses on Tess’s part, and strained efforts to disguise the fact that I was sitting in a bathroom on my behalf.

Cultural Appropriation Is Erasure

Ah cultural appropriation — always a fun and light-hearted topic that often leaves offended minorities “canceling” a person or a brand on one side of the debate,

Don’t Touch My Hair Or Fire Me For It Either

The State of California has voted to pass legislation banning discrimination against people wearing natural hairstyles aptly named “Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair” (CROWN). This legislation was put into effect to halt the enforcement of grooming policies by schools and offices that disproportionately affect people of color.

This is What You Need To Know About Sudan

As of now, most Instagram and other social media users have witnessed the blue profile pictures used to spread awareness of the horrors and destruction taking place in Sudan. Because of the internet blackout, many in Sudan were not able to get messages out. Here is what you can do to help.

Supa Star Girl– How To Make It Look Icy

This look is for girls with attitude and flavor– a nonbasic girl with eyes that shine like diamonds and a clear-cut glossy mood to match. Your eyeliner should reflect that inner fire and immense chill.