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We Should Still Be Talking About The Abortion Bans

It is a basic (or at least should be) human right to let people decide how to live their lives and to make decisions for their bodies and lifestyles. Taking the ability to have options away based on someone else’s religious or moral beliefs is unconstitutional

NBGA French Beauty No Basic Girls Allowed
The Six Women Who Do French Beauty Better

The American vision of French or Parisian beauty is full of red lips, baguettes and thin women with wispy bangs. This image leaves little room for women of fuller figures and darker skin or women who’d like to wear a color besides blue, white or red.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Non-Basic Girl’s Politician

The (only) upside of that rupture in our political fabric was the arrival of younger, brighter and more community-focused politicians– specifically Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Yes, We’re In A Relationship and No, Not That Kind: A Look at Female Friendships

Despite both of our mother’s (and some of our separate friends) insistence, we were not romantically involved but were very much smitten.

Homecoming Just Felt Like Home

I felt seen, validated, and beautiful. Here I was, another curvy black woman from Houston, with Jackson 5 nostrils, baby hair and an afro, part Louisiana Creole and just straight up black. It was hard to feel like that song wasn’t made for me. It just was.

Guava Island: The Last Place You Want To Be Deserted

Rihanna Robyn Fenty is in a new movie. Yes, you heard that right, Rihanna- fashion killa, beauty mogul, not-giving-us-any-new music, Rihanna

Lip Masks and Korean Drama: The Kristen Crawley Interview

Nonbasic is not about how you dress or how you look, it is about how you carry yourself, and how you create, and your ideas.

The Black Women Filling Instagram With Light, Love, And Endless Inspiration

What is so amazing about these women, is not just the work they are constantly doing, but how they stay so true to who they are individually and to their blackness

A Conversation On Social Messages With Layan Al-Dabbous From Claudette The Brand

I want people to be inspired at the end of the day. I want them to know that when it comes to big dreams and aspirations