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Girls just wanna have fundamental rights

Ladies, let’s raise a glass to us. I mean, it’s hard to be a girl. Example: I just spent $60 on an airbrush foundation.

Is Fenty Beauty worth the hype? Your girl will let you know.

With all the celebrity beauty brands on the market today, can we really take another one seriously? From the Kardashian sisters and Kylie Jenner to JWoww and Jessica Alba, it seems like there are more celebrities in the beauty business than ever!

Beats by Dre | Sarah Feingold in the ‘Neighbourhood Collection’
The word ‘Beats’ can invoke those famous images of Lebron James – smoothly walking out of a steely NBA locker room and onto a perfectly glossed-out basketball court, prepared to dominate. Setting the scene are the songs amplifying from his Beats, coolly placing him in the moment and into the ‘the zone’. Let’s be real though, in our everyday lives, we plug in our earbuds and slide on our headphones in much less glamorous places: work, commutes, workouts. But we can’t deny they help insert us into our own personal ‘zones’ when we are in these spaces. Whether we’re rushing to finish a project, dashing to get to class or…
Strobing Tutorial | How to look like a delicious glazed donut goddess

A tutorial on how to look like the ultimate delicious glazed donut goddess


I hope you enjoyed part I of #daughtersonthemove for Nike.
The second part of the video is about female athletes who inspire me with their own and individual sports story.

Sarah Feingold X NIKE | Daughters are on the move

Most people associate running with working out. However, for me running isn’t only that – for me it is a lifestyle.


Experience the new SEAT Ibiza prior to its official launch during the World Premier Test in Barcelona at the beginning of May.