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The best beauty treatments for when the masks come off

Holistic medic Dr. Selma Uygun discusses the best beauty treatments to explore in light of losing the masks

9 Swimwear Brands We’re Obsessed with this Summer

There’s so many ways to let loose this summer – showcasing your new swimwear being among the first! With an array of new labels to have emerged since the pandemic, discover our top picks to help you kill it at the beach.

NBGA’s Summer Beauty Essentials – Prepare to Feel Sun-kissed

Explore our favourite beauty finds from Marble Fruit scents to sensuous body oils. All the best products to leave you beach ready.

Breast Implant Surgery May Cause Rare Illness – Here’s All You Need to Know

For our collective awareness – we’ve done some research on this relatively undiscussed issue. Keep reading to stay informed.

The 101 on Microneedling with PRP Procedure

The more technology advances, the more treatments we can take advantage of to keep our skin looking healthy and glowing.

How to Use Food as Medicine to Help Quell Anxiety, Sleep Better, and Feel at Your Best

Between COVID-19, political tensions, and social unrest, we’re all feeling stressed and burnt out. Discover our tips for some much needed stress-relief.

Have At-Home Facial Treatments Become More Popular During the Pandemic?

The founders of JECT, a New York based aesthetics brand, give us the low down on medical grade skincare in lockdown.

The Best Beauty Products of March, Chosen by Our Editors

As the month of March winds down and we say ‘bye’ to dreaded winter months (and our dry skin), we’re looking forward to experimenting with makeup trends galore.

Does Ab-Sculpting really work? We Tried the EmSculpt Machine

The machine is a treatment that doesn’t seek to remove fat. Instead, it works to strengthen and build the muscles themselves by using revolutionary technology.