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Securing the bag: Telfar introduces the “Bag Security Program”

Considering the history of luxury/high-end fashion, this approach is a radical one

JACQUEMUS is lecturing in a free online fashion

“Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture”, will explore the business of fashion

8 documentaries to cozy up with under quarantine

No matter your interest or mood, there’s one for you

Time to step up your liner game, ma

From pops of neon to pale pastels, have fun with these 20 ways to wear eyeliner

NBGA Holiday Gift Guide 2019: His, Hers, and Y’all

For those of you who don’t even know where to start, NBGA has compiled a list of the best gifts for your S.O. this season! You’re welcome.

Bags Your Soulmate Wants (Needs) For Christmas 💫

You can never really have too many bags. So we’ve complied a list of every bag your girlfriend wants for Christmas, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

9 Female-Led Brands That Should Be On Every Non-Basic Girl’s Radar

What could be better than supporting smaller, indie-designers? Supporting indie female designers! So here are 9 female-run brands you need to know about.

A Lesson In Legacy, Black Love, and Self-Preservation: Queen & Slim Review

Queen & Slim is a nuanced portrayal of family, legacy, and the humanity of the black experience.

Everyone’s Favorite Topic: The N-Word. Because, Somehow, It Still Needs To Be Addressed

A couple weeks ago, Gina Rodriguez, star of Jane The Virgin, found herself at the merciless hands of Black twitter, once again.

Cancel Culture Is Not A Real Thing. Let’s Stop Acting Like It Is

The Tooth Fairy, reverse-racism, and cancel culture. What do all those things have in common? They’re not real! They’re also all extremely irksome to talk about. But alas, here I am, talking about it.