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Back and better than ever, baby

Back and better than ever, baby

Hello my loved and precious readers,

I’m so excited and ready to welcome you back to NBGA.

Over the past two years, I made the active decision to step back and reflect deeply on what it is that I want to create with this space.

What do I like? What do I want to share? Who and what do I want to platform, explore, and draw attention to? Which influences are organic and which influences are a byproduct of external voices? What do I personally, as a creative, feel instinctively drawn to when I am allowing myself to exist in the world, naturally, without giving into the subconscious pressure to produce and post constantly for the public sphere?

These questions are what gave me space to really discover (and rediscover) the changes happening within me and, consequently, the changes I want to see reflected in this magazine. I can sense that myself, and my community, have evolved in many ways. Why shouldn’t our work and creative processes reflect that?

NBGA is back – reborn, but still proudly reserving the initial founding principles of diversity and show stopping style. The focus is not fast news or bite sized clickbait headlines. The focus is not on keeping up with trends, gossip, and algorithm. I want to bring together my passion for original creation with my love for listening in on and participating in lively, authentic conversation with my desire to platform and highlight some of the true artistic and influential personalities of our time. NBGA will be a home for this – conversations spoken in the dialect of creativity.

There will still be the beauty, the politics, the culture, the fashion. The philosophy of romance, photography, aesthetics. Yes. But, we are slowing it down. Taking the scenic route. Allowing the magazine to reflect the bigger sense of intentionality and care that we have been infusing our personal lives with.

I am starting off here by sharing a beauty editorial project that was born out of my love for photography, art direction, interesting faces, and magnetic personas. The New Era Beauty series is a chance for me to revisit my roots and create looks I love while also getting to introduce you to people that, I hope, inspire and intrigue you as much as they do me.

My biggest wish is that as we flip the page onto this new chapter, I can successfully translate to you the textures of my interior world and the interior worlds of other creatives, artists, and blooming icons. I hope NBGA becomes a place where you can always find bold, catalytic, and immersive stories and positive, passionate perspectives that push you to live up to the best of yourself.

x Sarah

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