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BAYLI’s “Sushi for Breakfast” takes experimental pop to new heights

BAYLI’s “Sushi for Breakfast” takes experimental pop to new heights

Bayli’s “Sushi for Breakfast” is a mouth-watering, experimental pop fever dream. This short and sweet tune packs a plethora of dynamic sonic elements – from out-of-this-world synthesizers to converging hip-hop bass-lines. Providing an alluring look into the Brooklyn songstress’s impressive musical prowess. 

With this track, we see Bayli establishing herself as an artist that isn’t afraid to experiment with futuristic sounds. Across the record, adopting pitch modulations to create narrative dissonance with her vocals. Lyrically, she elucidates the tracks’ overarching messages of rebellion and independence. After all, who needs love when you can wake up and make your own decisions? When it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether you choose to chase that “different color money”, or to eat your favorite guilty-pleasure foods for breakfast. 

Bayli is just getting started, and if “Sushi for Breakfast” is anything to go by, we’ll be hearing more fire from the rising star before the year is out. Until then, get stuck into the @tawfick directed visualizer for her infectious sophomore offering; complete with blue-hues, goldfish, and graffiti paint galore!  

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