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Beats by Dre | Sarah Feingold in the ‘Neighbourhood Collection’

Beats by Dre | Sarah Feingold in the ‘Neighbourhood Collection’

The word ‘Beats’ can invoke those famous images of Lebron James – smoothly walking out of a steely NBA locker room and onto a perfectly glossed-out basketball court, prepared to dominate. Setting the scene are the songs amplifying from his Beats, coolly placing him in the moment and into the ‘the zone’.

Let’s be real though, in our everyday lives, we plug in our earbuds and slide on our headphones in much less glamorous places: work, commutes, workouts. But we can’t deny they help insert us into our own personal ‘zones’ when we are in these spaces. Whether we’re rushing to finish a project, dashing to get to class or pushing to complete that last set of squats, the sounds booming through our headphones lock us into these moment and remind us why we are there.

The Beats Neighborhood Collection was inspired by just that – the spaces in our lives that inspire and motivate us. For their campaign Beats reached out to five artists across the globe and asked them to tell their stories about the neighborhoods they work, create and play in. The collection features the Solo 3 Wireless Beats in four revamped colors: Wine Red, Olive Green, Asphalt Gray and Deep Blue, each assigned to an artist and their city.

Representing Olive Green aka ‘Turf Green’ in the campaign, was NBGA and founder Sarah Feingold. Sarah got the opportunity to give Beats a walkthrough of her neighbourhood- Charlottenburg, Berlin and why she calls it home to her creative endeavours. The story was shot by LA based photographer Daniel Regan.

To celebrate the campaign NBGA alongside the Beats team hosted a dinner at Volt restaurant in Kreuzberg and invited 30 of Sarah’s closest friends who were just as stoked about the recent drop. With tons of amazing food, goodie bags filled with Solo Beats and ‘Turf Green’ NBGA hoodies, it was a blast. Plus, being total millennials we made sure polaroid cameras were present to capture moments throughout night and let’s just say – many selfies were taken.

Make sure to check out the full campaign here. <3


by Carolina Ramos
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