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Beauty on a Budget | The 10 Best Drugstore Mascaras Under $10

Beauty on a Budget | The 10 Best Drugstore Mascaras Under $10

Mascara is one of the most important beauty products out there. It’s a staple in everyone’s makeup bag, and there’s a good chance it’s been with you since the start of your beauty journey. We’ve tried countless mascaras over the years, and the best part is that some of the best ones are super affordable.

There are so many reasonably priced drugstore mascaras so you won’t feel too bad if you end up trying them all. And you probably will try several, since one tube of mascara won’t last forever. In fact, we should be replacing our mascara every 2-3 months, especially since it comes in close contact with our precious eyes on a daily basis. Bacteria can grow in the tube and possibly lead to an eye infection, so think of it as an excuse to go makeup shopping every 2-3 months. I, for one, am not complaining, especially since you can get most of these for under 10 dollars.

Maybelline has so many good mascaras, but we can’t get enough of this one. The flexible wand makes is super easy to use, and the semi-curved brush has long bristles on the side that can easily coat each and every lash. It lengthens and defines your lashes while still adding tons of volume. It’s worth every penny.

The name says it all. The Voluminous Original Mascara from L’Oréal provides the perfect amount of volume to your lashes, without overdoing it. It’s a great everyday mascara and now comes in colors like deep burgundy and cobalt blue, if you want to switch things up a bit.

Drugstore beauty lovers swear by Essence since it’s super affordable and has a ton of fun products to try. Their Lash Princess Mascara is a fan favorite, and for just $4.99 will make your lashes so long and thick that people will wonder if you’re wearing falsies.

CoverGirl’s Total Tease has a unique brush with a tiny lash teasing comb at the very tip, which allows you to add volume to the corners of your eye. The buildable formula makes it easy to add as much volume as desired, and it’s waterproof so it won’t budge if you cry, sweat, or get caught in the rain.

L’Oréal makes its second appearance on our list with the popular Lash Paradise Mascara. Many people consider it a dupe for the Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced and love the way it makes their lashes thick and beautiful at half the price.

Wearing makeup can be difficult when you have sensitive eyes, but Almay’s Thickening Mascara is ophthalmologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and safe for everyone. If you have allergies or super irritable eyes, this mascara is a great choice.

Traditional mascaras are available in two versions, regular and waterproof. Waterproof mascara can be great, but many people find it too hard to remove. This is where tubing mascara comes into play. The unique formula coats each lash and creates a “tube” which lasts all day and can easily be removed with hot water. Fans of tubing mascara love No 7’s Stay Perfect, and if you want to try tubing mascara without breaking the bank this is a great place to start.

NYX is a popular drugstore brand that doesn’t shy away from color, as you can see with their Worth the Hype mascara, which comes in vibrant cobalt and bright purple, as well as the traditional black and brown.

Maybelline has so many amazing mascaras for under 10 bucks, but Lash Sensational is a top choice for many of the brand’s loyal customers. This mascara has a fanning effect, meaning it coats every layer of lashes so that they fan out beautifully.

Traditional mascara brushes can be too big for our lower lashes, and things can get messy pretty quickly. The e.l.f. Smudge Proof Mascara comes with two brushes, a regular one for your top lashes, and a tiny one for your lower lashes, making it easy to coat all of them without getting mascara everywhere. It’s also a tubing mascara so you know it will stay in place all day, and can easily be removed with hot water.

by Clare Saxton
cover photo: Getty/Plume Creative
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