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Beauty Treats: This Week’s Halloween Round-Up

Beauty Treats: This Week’s Halloween Round-Up

Halloween is around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you have a few events lined up but no idea what or who you want to be. Honestly, I’ve never been too into the whole dressing up thing, but scrolling through #100daysofmakeup gave me Halloween FOMO like never before.


On top of the last batch of ideas we’ve given you, here are some more because who doesn’t love options? So scroll through, pick your favorite & do up your no basic girl mood.


I don’t know about you but Tyler, the Creator is an absolute fave. While I might not be dressing up as him this Halloween, I’m definitely a fan of this IGOR ode and honestly, it’s a fit I’d love to see.


Before I spin you on my Avatar is Pocahontas 2.0 theory, let me just say that I adore this look. Paired with the Bantu knots and beads, sis took Avatar straight editorial.


Twiggy was not only a beauty icon for the sixties but all the way into 2019. If you’re a stan like many of us, recreating this Vogue editorial is an iconic way to any costume parties you may have lined up.

Charlotte Pickle

Charlotte Pickle, our feminist hero before we even knew we needed one. This throwback to Rugrats is a combo is most things we’ve seen on the recent catwalks – from super-thin 90s brows to super glossy lips and a pop of color.


Who doesn’t love a sexy feline costume? It’s almost a right of passage, so if that’s your vibe for this year – or at least, one of them – take notes because her eyeshadow is everything. Paired with the subtle lip and cheek, it’s a look that will work for everyone.


Personally, one of 2019’s major disappointments was the Kim Possible live-action trailer. So what’s a better way to rectify that by embodying the flyest female baddie of our childhood?


If there’s ever a beat you want to recreate, I’m pretty sure it will be Pat McGrath. This SS20 Marc Jacobs NYFW look is the top of my Halloween looks because of the variation with color and outfits.

Rainbow Magic

Since we’ve all been bitten by the Euphoria bug, what’s a more fun way to channel your inner kid? Whether you’re thinking pixie, mermaid or even a unicorn, this is sure to be a show stopper that people love.

Pearl Avant Garde

Remember that dope cloud make-up trend that took over IG? This is a super cool way to transition that into a Halloween fit. If you want to take it to another step, add more highlighter or glitter should take this look to the extreme.


If you’re an art lover, then this look inspired by Philip Castle’s artwork might be so you. Play it up or down with anything you want from eye shadow to chrome cheeks, depending on whatever is more your style.

With all these options at your fingertips, you can take your Halloween glam to the next level. Remember, the most fun part is throwing your personal twist into the mix.

By Kamara Hakeem-Oyawoye
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