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BEVZA’s spring 2021 collection is all about simple elegance

BEVZA’s spring 2021 collection is all about simple elegance

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Planning, progression, earth and body. Bevza’s New York Fashion Week ss21 ready-to-wear collection is displayed in short film Tryp, in which Svitlana Bevza drew from her Ukrainian heritage and turned to cottage core for the video aesthetic. Using open fields, clay artifacts, and the patterns of natural surroundings, Bevza weaves together a vibe of art imitating life, and stability versus uncertainty.

Bevza displayed inspiration ranging from open fields to clay moldings of the female body. The collection remains mostly in cream and white tones apart from a few completely black and navy pieces, and it flatters the female figure while comforting it with exquisite material, ranging from detail-oriented crochet patterns to soft silks designed with subtle pattern-work, ribbing, and a lightly-sheer quality. Bevza spring 2021 is elevated while reminding itself to remain grounded, as seen throughout the accompanying video.

Silk tops sewn in delicate, uniform patterns took center stage in the short film alongside woven, white-threaded blouses. Every pattern displayed in the video’s natural landscape was then promptly re-envisioned for Bevza. The process in which some of the pieces were created was also filmed. She always returned us to the basics; the stability of land, ocean, sky, and artifacts of the past, but imbued a sense of urgency with ominous music that permeated the entire video. The title, Tryp, can play back into the soundtrack, mixing the natural scapes with the anxiety that can come from a drug-induced view of it. The last showcased piece in the video is a black silk top with clean folded patterns, and suddenly a field of wheat is shown to us completely bathed in red. 

The pieces remain as carefully planned and naturally inspired as the entire video suggests, but perhaps Bevza wants to make clear that stability does not mean certainty. 

Images courtesy of Vogue Runway.

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