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Bree Runway gets wild with new single APESHIT

Bree Runway gets wild with new single APESHIT

Bree Runways is back and going “APESHIT” all over the beat as she shares her vivacious new single; complete with out-of-this-world visuals that have been approved by Missy Elliot herself. 

Bree is bringing Y2K hip-hop back in a big way with this new release, lyrically channeling bad b*tch energy to the tune of a cyclical distorted bass sample reminiscent of Timberland’s earlier experimentations. Throughout the track, she raps directly at her haters with a braggadocious conviction, creating an anthem for girls to sing to “them n*gga’s who ain’t sh*t”, and matching her infectious flows to the pace of the dynamic instrumental; showcasing versatility and creative flair.  

Since the self-made DIY artist out of Hackney inked a massive deal with Universal Music and released her debut EP “Be Runway” in 2019, she’s been gaining traction in the UK R&B and Pop scenes respectively as a multi-hyphenate. Fittingly, with this video we see a whole new artistic vision come to life from the bonafide fashionista,  as she pulls out her fishnets, red leather and mullet haircut in a tribute to 80’s punk-culture, whilst dancing in front of a nostalgic checkered backdrop with her girls.

“APESHIT” has us feeling more excited than ever for what’s to come from Bree in 2020, it’s safe to say she’s just getting started so watch this space. For now, let’s just bask in her greatness and insurmountable talent whilst watching her ground-breaking music video below!  

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