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Burberry takes us out to sea with its highly-visual SS21 collection

Burberry takes us out to sea with its highly-visual SS21 collection

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The spectacle that Ricardo Tisci has spearheaded since taking over the iconic Burberry brand, has been nothing short of highly-anticipated, well-thought-out and filled with exciting innovations and reinventions. And sans a live audience, the London Fashion Week Burberry Spring Summer 2021 show did not disappoint. The show, which was live-streamed on popular gaming platform Twitch, was the first of its kind and a perfect demonstration of the new era where fashion is slowly being combined with the possibilities of technology.

Situated in an unknown forest outside of London, Tisci took us, literally, into the depths of the sea world. Adorned fishnet detailing, reimagined rubber trench coats, mermaid tails and other sea-inspired imagery were illustrated on classic Burberry beige trench coats, t-shirts and incredible dresses fit for a nymphet, as well as a daring move away from the signature muted palette, including blue patchwork and brilliant orange garments.

Speaking to Anders Christian Madsen of Vogue, Tisci described the collection as “a love story between a mermaid and a shark,” a reference to the collective feeling that quarantine had on the global community. On one hand, lockdown gave a lot of people – including Tisci who spent it at his family home in Lake Como – time to connect with nature and themselves, while also being trapped in the unknown, unsure of what the next move would mean. 

Although not the first time Twitch has converged with fashion – streetwear brands Champion and Anti Social Social Club have both created exclusive collections with the platform – it’s the first time that it’s given a 360° view of what goes into a luxury fashion show. The game-mode gave viewers the opportunity to tune-in and engage with all the behind-the-scenes action.

Burberry offered 4 streams: the pre-show discussion between A-lister hosts Bella Hadid, Rosalía, Eryka Badu and Steve Lacy; the models preparing to walk the runway; Eliza Douglas’ captivating performance and the performance art installation that was at the centre of everything – which was produced in collaboration with artist Anne Imhof. The 60-min stream received around 42,000 concurrent viewers, giving the global community a chance to sit front row at one of London Fashion Week’s most sought after shows. 

It was a unique experience that Burberry provided – one that was interactive and as cliche as it’s become, brought people together although we’ve “been alone” for a long time. Tisci is a visionary who responded in a way most designers haven’t, proving that Burberry, as a brand, is tenacious and ready to grow with the times – no matter how unprecedented they may be.

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Images Courtesy of Vogue Runway.

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