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Can crochet, colossal knits bring the classy back to comfort?

Can crochet, colossal knits bring the classy back to comfort?

Colossal knits, without a doubt, are one of the most interesting trends popping up all over Instagram this fall: chunky, colorful, cozy, and — most importantly — a garment channeling total comfortability, colossal knits are the giving us a solution for the forced and frumpy style-combinations that often try to solve the ongoing issue of warmth in the winter months. Even this past summer, we saw form-fitting crochet bralettes and dainty woven dresses bring an edge of sexiness to knitwear. As the leaves begin to change, the yarn holding our knitwear together is renovating itself also.

Hope Macaulay is one designer bridging the gap between chunky knits and luxury design. Known for her super thick knits and cardigans, handmade to order with one hundred percent jumbo merino wool, Macaulay’s designs have popularized the phrase ‘colossal knit’ in order to describe her funky statement pieces that add can add a pop of fun to your autumn without ever sacrificing the comfort element. What’s so great about this trend is its innate wearability. The playful yet thoughtful construction of this sort of piece infuses any sort of outfit with a childish sophistication — it’s definitely not your typical laundry day hoodie.

 @amaka.hamelijnck wearing the Gooseberry Colossal Knit by @hope.macaulay

Sustainable brands are also following suit with this material, utilizing thick cotton yarn to handcraft large knits that bend the expectation audiences have for what knitwear can be. Some items opt for enlarged sleeves, some utilize very oversized material like Hope Macaulay does, and others challenge the silhouettes and styles that we’re used to with knitwear. Sustainability and knitwear very seamlessly (excuse my pun) go hand in hand, because these knit pieces have the ability – save for sharp jewelry and pesky loose threads – to last a very long time. And what’s more, there is now the option to craft your own knitwear if you find yourself inspired to do so. One thing is for sure; your style doesn’t have to suffer as the weather gets colder. If anything, it seems a new doorway has opened to a very cozy, stylish, and oversized possibility.

What do you think about this trend? A little bit better than a poncho, no?

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