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Charlotte Knowles SS21 reimagines a modern “flower-power”

Charlotte Knowles SS21 reimagines a modern “flower-power”

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If you’re anything of a fashion enthusiast, you’re familiar with London based fashion brand Charlotte Knowles. Founded in 2017 by Knowles and her partner Alexandre Arsenault, the label aims to uplift the femininity and sexuality of a woman by empowering her through sex-positive garments. We have seen how the brand has skyrocketed to success in recent years, seen on everyone from Kim Kardashian, Solange, and most recently Bella Hadid at the 2020 VMAs.

‘Petals’ is the title for Charlotte Knowles SS21 collection. The brand opted for a hypnotic video presentation to showcase its pieces this LFW, complete with heavy bass music, strobing red lights, sultry visuals of blooming flowers, with the models dressed head to toe in hyper-sensual, fine-crafted garments — some even sporting dazzling bejeweled flower embellishments.

The collection satisfies the cravings of Charlotte Knowles fans, with an array of stretchy, marble patterned sheer biker shorts, bodycons, leather corsets, and exposed undergarments, which have all become signature elements of the brand. And yes, the line still has its trademark layering and conceal-reveal game going strong. But this SS21 collection seems a bit less lingerie this time around, including some new, grown-up pieces we haven’t seen before — bootcut flared jeans, wax-printed flower designs on dresses, and hand painted retro-futuristic sunglasses and eccentric purses.

The color palette mostly sticks to shades of orange, browns, and reds but is balanced with cool purpley-blues. There are the 90’s and early 2000’s silhouettes that we expected from Charlotte Knowles, but we also see some major 70s, flower-power references taking center stage in this collection.

The collection is vibrant, versatile, and an ode to both vintage craftsmanship and the modern woman. Watch the full presentation here.

Images courtesy of Vogue Runway

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