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Christian Dior’s SS21 is a fairytale for the enchanting and refined

Christian Dior’s SS21 is a fairytale for the enchanting and refined

Christian Dior’s Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer collection showcased at Paris Fashion Week is thoughtfully ambitious in its approach. The show presents a Middle Ages fairytale that carries mysticism and refinement. Creative Director, Maria Gariza Chiuri, of Dior since 2016, continues to develop the marriage between her own Italian identity with that of the Parisian Fashion House, this time metaphorically through the season’s subtle emphasis and representation of Corsican culture, a region of France since 1768, that has maintained their Italian heritage. The collection ardently aims at constructing narratives of deep cultural history whilst encapsulating an ethereal folkloric essence. 

The show establishes immediately upon watching, the presence of the vocal ensemble that performs the Corsican funeral song “Sangu di Rosa,” or as translated “Rose Blood.” The song sculpts a powerful message thematically intended to relay women’s empowerment. This fittingly parallels the collections focus on dark and muted hues, naturalistic patterns, and Chiuri’s personally stated goal of uplifting the “powerful celebration of… female voices’ ‘ through the pieces.

The soul of Corsica’s history is captured through the assemblage of calf length robes embellished with floral, paisley, and geometric prints laid over sets of matching square neck camisole tops, relaxed trousers, and form fitting shorts. Inclusive of carrying the Corsican spirit, are the delicately sheer dresses, gowns suitable for the mythic muses. Tassels at the bottoms of robes and handbags, knotted headbands, braided leather double belts, and open-toed sandals further developed the Mediterranean countryside undertone. Deep plunging necklines were in high favor in this collection often enhanced by opera length necklaces that swayed hypnotizingly from the model’s forms creating further enchantment.

The collection does not go without seeing the Christian Dior moniker signatured onto stunning pieces. It was placed onto the classic book tote bags, though reworked with this season’s overall desaturated color palette, patterns, and textures. The signature was also donned onto what is one of their most popular contemporary pieces, the horizontally striped tie-dye corded pullover technical taffeta jacket. 

Dior’s romantic portrayal of the concerted relationship between Italian and French culture, women’s veneration, and the fabled, has successfully set itself apart among its peers for this season, and has enkindled a growing anticipation for what is next to come. 

The complete season can be watched online at Dior’s site with added behind-the-scenes visual films and written dissections into the artistic process of producing the show.

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